You always hear about the magic of a product or service that seems Too Good To Be True and scoff at the idea that it can do what the business hype says it will do…

So, i write this Blog Post to show you what the Too Good To Be True Family Banking Plan has done for me and offer some suggestions to get started… because you will want to get started when you understand what it can do for you and your finances.

I have spent my life trying all the magical and gotta haves investments to grow my money.  I heard the guru’s say that you have to have your money working for you and to invest long term in something that is guaranteed to grow and then they pointed me to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, precious metals, real estate and retirement accounts…

I did them, everyone of them… investing like they said to invest and regardless of the outcome, I was the same or worse off than when I started… time and time again… I researched, spent thousands of dollars in education courses and tried it again… with dismal failure.

Until I learned about the Family Banking Plan… I’ve heard it called Infinite Banking Concept, Be Your Own Banker, Privatized Banking, etc.  Regardless of the name, it is a concept that makes you think of how you use your money in a dynamically different way… the way that wealthy people have learned to put their money to work for them and still have access to it… The way the Families of Abundance have left a Legacy for their children and grandchildren to grow on and use for good.

Understand that I have a philosophy that says that money is a tool to be used for good, to give service, bless the lives who are hurting and in need.  Not as a dole or entitlement but for those who are really need help.  It’s always good to have an abundance of money around to create, lift, expand, build and shape good in the world.

With that understanding, I believe that it is good to teach my children that money is a tool for good and if used poorly, it can destroy.  It is not to be loved or lusted over… it is not to be used to coerce or bribe or buy evil things… It is to be used for good.

I learned about the Family Banking Plan and started to implement it with a financial adviser that said he know about Infinite Banking and set us up with a policy he said would work. It didn’t, it cost us huge amounts of money and made my adviser have a very profitable year.  But I learned a valuable lesson.  It taught me that I need to dig deeper and not put all my trust in my adviser.  He is out to benefit him only..

I researched deeper and found the answer in the Alliance Group Financial of Sandy, Ut… their advisers explained the Family Banking Plan and why the other policy could not work for us, because it was the wrong type, built the wrong way and designed to pay the adviser tons of commission for an ineffective product for us…

SO, I began again.  My wife did not join me as she was very disillusioned with the whole thing. I began on my own to test it out and see if what they said was actually going to work.

I started with a small policy… one designed the correct way with strategies in place to make it work correctly and then learned how to make it work for me.  I had some bills I needed to pay off and wanted to start my Lawrence M Law Family Banking Trust for me and my children.  Being able to leave a legacy for them when I pass but to create a blossoming Estate while living so we can go on vacations, help with children’s education, missions, marriages, starting homes, etc… all were desires that I felt were good and creative.

I started with $55k of debt and $0 in savings… Yup, I was hit by the recession and had put everything back into the business and now it was time to test the Family Banking Plan to see if it really could convert debt into wealth and build exponentially as I had thought it could.

I started the policy in May and made my first payment… then the June payment and then I applied for my first cash value loan.  It was magical… no one asked me why I wanted the loan, no one pulled my credit scores to see if I was credit worthy and no one sat down with me with a payment schedule to show me what I had to pay each month to pay it off… it just came in the mail 3 days later and I went and put the money toward one of the debts I had.

Almost 1 year later, I have paid off all the debt and have a savings far greater than I was able to save in the last 7 years in guaranteed cash value in my Family Banking Plan working for me, 24 hours each day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and as the cash value grows so does the interest earned and the dividends paid out each year.  There is a guaranteed rate of return but the rate is higher than the guarantee.  The dividend is not guaranteed but the company has paid it out every year for over 100 years.  The Legacy is now in the millions and that is pretty good in my book.

I now let my money work for me… I am not investing… I am saving… with high rates of return, but the funny thing is… the more I use it, the more I earn.  I love this system… it works… It’s the real thing!

I am now educating my children that they are part of a Legacy that they will need to learn to administer and become part of so they don’t divide it and destroy it like so many others have done with inheritance or beneficiary claims from parents trying to do the right things.

I have learned that even though I learn the right principles, unless I teach my heirs to learn the same principles and have time to practice it themselves, they will most likely squander it or be taken advantage of or abuse it like so many children of wealthy parents the world over.  It takes a united effort and a willing person to learn correct principles, then discipline and a long term objective to do it right.

I invite you to learn what the wealthy have learn for themselves… how to make money work for you with guaranteed rates of return, risk free, reduced taxes, liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment.  It’s Too Good To Be True until you learn about the principles of financial success and use strategic Resources that work. and watch the videos… they are terrific.

Call me to refer you to the right Agents to do the right thing for you.  I trust them… I endorse them… They have proven themselves…

Lawrence M Law

CEO – Vantage Credit Alliance