Vantage Capital Alliance has become one of the premier online, over the phone and person to person Financial Solutions Companies in America.


Because we think outside the box – investments are high risk, the average person has $15k in credit card debt and has a 680 credit score, savings are almost non-existent, students graduate with $100k plus in student loans and 10,000 people are turning 65 each month and can’t retire…!

The Solution?

Convert expenses already paying out into No Risk Cash Values that can pay off debt including mortgage in about 8 yrs plus increase retirement savings and increase your standard of living all at the same time without Risk!  Yes, you read that right…

Whether you need assistance…

  • With a better place to Save, Protect & Grow your assets
  • With stopping the financial bleeding because of bad investments, the stock market catastrophe, poor performing retirement accounts, bad credit, lots of debt, student loans or no business credit

We have the answers, the solutions and the knowledge to make you smile… all the way to your own Banking System where you earn the interest, fees and admin costs!

Unconventional Financial Strategies that work and work well!

From everyday people to business owners, celebrities, and athletes, financial harm has affected practically everyone during this economic crisis.

Fortunately there is an answer; Vantage Capital Alliance can be contacted with a simple phone call or appointment request.

Life has a way of moving faster than ever and most of us never think about our finances or credit until it’s too late. By taking preparatory action and preventive measures, Vantage Capital Alliance provides a clear path for our economic future.

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