I went with a friend to see The Abolitionist last week with a friend and thought I could just go a few minutes before, buy a ticket, some popcorn and a drink and walk in.  Boy, was I wrong.  It was sold out, the next showing was sold out and so was the last showing of the day.  I checked online and from Payson to Ogden, the show was sold out… for a week!!!

The AbolitionistThe Abolitionist is about child sex trafficking in the world and the organization trying to defeat it called Operation Underground Railroad.  Child sex trafficking has become one of the top 3 greatest crimes in the world today and one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.

Finally, just last Monday I was able to go see the show and was shocked.  So shocked to see that the disease of child trafficking is so prevalent in our world.  I guess I live in a protected and sheltered area of the world that still has fairly high standards.  Although, after the showing, a young lady was introduced as a victim of child sex trafficking from Provo, Utah, my local area.  So, we are not immune to this social disease even here where church is attended by over 80% and the local religion teaches to protect the children and that we are all children of a Heavenly Father.   Obviously, others think differently.Ballard.Operation-Underground-Railroad-620x357

Tim Ballard, a former FBI agent was asked to head up a sex trafficking sting operation and because of the Bureaucratic red tape and other obstacles, decided to quit the FBI and start a foundation to stop child sex trafficking anywhere in the world.

To see the actual sting operations take place is quite amazing and with some amazing successes and some failures, I was surprised to see how much success he is having despite the failures.

I have started to so some things to increase awareness  and trying to do my part to help stamp out this problem.  I’m wondering what else can be done but of coarse money is always on peoples minds.  It takes time to help physically and those who have committed their time, talents and energy are real heroes to those children but also for those who have high standards and morals.   It’s easier for most of us with jobs to donate money rather than time so this is what I have begun and I’m committing more money as I have it to give to this great cause.

For those who want to help… click this link.

This caused me to think of the services my company, Vantage Capital Alliance, teaches and helps people go from financial crash to abundant cash in a relatively very short time.  It’s a company that can help the wealthy as well as the poor overcome major obstacles like taxes, consumer debt, leaks in financial buckets, losing money to stock market losses and retirement mistakes.  Money is critical to living life and if there is not enough, it makes life miserable.

When you are trying to just make ends meet, your major focus is on earning the basics of life.  Not until you can live off your interest income through residual income from a job or interest income from stable, safe investments or from savings can you really look past yourself and give freely to others or organizations who help to battle the social or physical diseases of the world.  That’s what we do.  We help people save their assets, protect and grow without risk so they can be free to give generously, go and serve, provide relief and suffering or educate to end the ignorance or biases of the peoples of the world.

We are a world community now.  With flights anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours, it shocks the imagination of what is possible.  This also creates faster exploitation but it can also creates faster solutions.  So, I guess it comes down to you and what you want.  Are you one who believes in doing right and learning truth and supporting truth… or one who secretly or openly look for ways to take advantage of and take from others.  It doesn’t matter what that “take” is… it’s all take.

However, if you are one who believes in truth, we educate and show how the traditional financial planning is wrong.  It isn’t working and it is causing people to lose their money through stock market losses, fees, admin and broker costs, taxes and theft.  We also teach what to do to stop the leaks, stop the losses, stop the taxation and put all that money to work for you… so you have enough, more than enough to go and help others.  To give freely to end suffering, end disease, end slavery.  We help create opportunity by helping increase money for yourself, for retirement, for leaving a legacy, for doing good in the world.  If this is you, we need to talk.

I have made a commitment in my life that I would always find the best products and services to help people meet their life goals.  That I would always be honest and never knowingly deceive.  I am comfortable with my choices, my decisions and feel that I have accomplished that.

If you are interested in learning the truth about money and the truth about the financial industry then we need to talk and discuss ways to save, protect and grow your assets, without risk and without taxes.  It’s up to you and I know life is busy, but just let me know and I will send you info that you can decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong to do.  Our information will put the light on lies and deceits in the industry.  What banks and financial planners, retirement programs are doing to steal away your money so you can’t take care of yourself and you can’t help others when you want to.

So, call today, watch our videos, read our website… do something that will help you to do the best thing for yourself so you have enough to help others too.

Lawrence M Law



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