Constantly striving to be the best, we at Vantage Capital Alliance, search for and use services that have helped our company grow into what it is today; successful, helpful, focused, powerful and productive. We want your business to be that same way. Website Development, SEO and Marketing for your Business is a must to get traffic and new customers or clients.

If you are successful and producing… great, but there is more you can do to be even more successful and help even more people get what they want by using a compelling, gorgeous, smart website to do the filtering work for you.

Ahh, Have you ever taken a phone call that took a few minutes to figure out you can’t help them out? Have you spent time and money on a client that just decided to go with someone else? Have you waited for the phone to ring or a response to an email campaign but nothing ever happened, no one, or so few ever called?

Website development is an art. My father always told me… anyone can make something complicated… it takes a genius to make it simple. That’s what Simplesight does for websites. Makes them Simple, Powerful and Productive… Highly Productive! Check them out here…

What does a Simple Website look like? Well, it’s a simple, one page design. Not a lot of data, but it does have a short, compelling video with a background video to keep it interesting. Bullet Point data with links to anything and everything else you want to find from the website about the products or services you are interested in.

Lightening packed with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is the engine that makes a website get seen by Google and the other search engines like Yahoo, Edge and Safari. It includes key words and phrases that are highly relevant to the content of the website and what people are searching for. Because of this, the website becomes a filter for those who are searching for specific things and Google finds them and brings them to the website as highly relevant.

Another key ingredient to your extremely successful Simple website is the Google Business Listing and Reviews. With the power of Reviews and being Local, the power of a correct, up to date, Google Business Listing is 400% better than your competition’s. I hope you see the power in this!

Let’s talk about the Addons. Those great items that really make a website pop, add function and purpose and compel a prospect to stay on the website with specials, promotions or deals and keep them there with intriguing options like a freebies or a webstore to browse through. These could include…

  • Blog – blogs bring new content to the website on a regular basis.
  • Calendar event calendar that links with Google Calendar
  • Countdown Timer – for specials + giving people a sense of urgency
  • High Visibility Banner – Highly visible, interactive Banner to your website so visitors can easily focus on your most important message.
  • Live Chat – to chat with someone who doesn’t want to chat on the phone, but has questions before they buy. Available anytime, anywhere.
  • Top Bar Announcement – Promo links, coupons, messages, news.
  • Exit Intent Pop Up – message pop-up when leaving site (any message)
  • Analytics/Tag Manager/Reports – compare effectiveness and watch traffic flows.
  • Email/SMS Campaigns – This is built into Ratesight. You can send out promotions to anyone you have sent a review invite to. Every time you send a Review Invite, that persons contact information is saved in your Ratesight account. From there you can create SMS and Email marketing Blast campaigns to send promotions to those people.
  • Donations – Give your site visitors a way to donate to your cause with this Charitable Donations feature.
  • Social Proof Notification – rotation/notification –  Bottom left notification for who filled out the contact form (or showed interest) on your website. Helps to improve conversion. Example here:
  • Chat Bot – Used with Scheduling clients only (VIP) plugged in auto-answers so you can keep busy doing what you do.
  • Scheduling – Built in scheduling allows your clients to pick a time you are available to meet. Uses Stripe Payment Processor or we can use yours.
  • Invoicing – send your clients invoices for services, memberships or products.

Now, once the website is built, it’s not over. Just because you have a pretty website, doesn’t mean it’s going to be seen. You have to put gas into a Ferrari, just like any other car… or website. It can be cheap gas or high octane race fuel that can speed up and accelerate quickly but maintain a long drive down the road.

Then comes Maintenance. If you don’t maintain your website; keep certificates up to date, upgrade the plug-ins, back it up, update the content to keep it relevant, add new content, etc, etc, then you website starts to fall apart and get old, dirty, broken down, non working and just plain ugly. Have you seen an old website lately? They are ugly!

Onto increasing the speed and power of your website. That comes with 3 great actions that can really put power and focus into your website finding the people and businesses that need your products or services.

  1. SEO Boost – Authoritative Business Listings – add your business URL to related business directories within your local area like Yelp, YP, Manta, White Pages and more. Dramatic improvement in website traffic. To get a giant boost in search rankings, get your website listed on relevant and highly ranked directories. There are thousands of different listing sites that can increase your popularity by over 4 times. Some are general, some are High Authority and some are Hyper Authority. This is a HUGE advantage over your competition. You also need someone to go in and clean up the listings that are out of date, old or have broken links with the higher packages.
  2. Sales Funnel Page – Compelling sales funnel page with personal video that leads them to your sales site to purchase immediately. (Used with Google Ads)
  3. Google Ads Managing – When a prospective customer is looking for a product, restaurant, service, promotion, or anything from anywhere in the world, they’re likely going to search for it on Google first. That’s how Google Ads work: someone enters a search term and Google serves them a relevant ad for a product or service. Highly focused.
    In the world of business, Google Ads can be a hugely successful tool for driving traffic, marketing your product, and getting sales… Fast!

Well, That’s it. For a Simple website that is packed with power, punch and productive. This is what you need. Oh, and it costs a whole lot less than a traditional or Custom website that has tons of menu’s, data and pictures, etc.

Call Simplesight today and let them show you what an awesome Simple website can do for your business. 801-769-9443 or write to set up a Demo and Website Analysis for your website.