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Vantage Capital Alliance has become one of the premier online and over the phone credit repair agencies. Quality and commitment are at the root of everything we do, we never overlook anyone, and continue to respect our customers. Each year, millions of us struggle to remove or correct negative, inaccurate, and outdated information from appearing in our credit reports and scores. Our goal was not simply to provide a solution within regulatory compliance but to create a, cost-effective credit recovery service.

From everyday people to business owners, celebrities, and athletes, financial harm has affected practically everyone during this economic crisis. Fortunately there is an answer, Vantage Capital Alliance can be contacted with a simple phone call or appointment request.

Fast and affordable for easy of planning and fulfillment

Personal or Business Insurance needs for protection and financial planning

Personal or Business Banking Strategies for better savings, protection and growth

Credit Recovery by Experts for lower expenses, increased opportunities

Fast & Secure Debt Settlement to eliminate debt and convert it to wealth

Student Loan Consolidation for lower monthly payments

Business Credit & Funding for more opportunities to grow your business

What Vantage Capital Alliance Is –


A Resource of Superior Financial Tools to Assist Individuals and Families to Make More Money, Save More Money, Protect their Assets, Have a Better Lifestyle and Retirement, Leave a Legacy for their Children and Enjoy Life to the Fullest Possible. A Step by Step process of financial savings, recovery, protection and growth – without Risk!  “If you don’t know where your money is and what it is doing, you will never enjoy the pleasure of being in good company with it.” -Lawrence M Law

I have many years experience researching every financial vehicle that is available and discovered that it is mere coincidence or luck that the average person strikes it rich.  The wealthy know where their money is and what it is doing… on a daily basis, yet the masses of men guess, rely on others, hope and wish their money will grow and become wealthy.  Hope is not a financial strategy, it is foolish to hope for a better lifestyle and do nothing to manage it yourself.   We teach common sense, financial strategies that work and utilize financial tools that banks are scared to death you will discover and use, because they use a tried and true daily plan of fees and costs to take your money from your pockets and hope and pray you never find out.  Well, we just told you the truth, now what are you going to do about it?

I suggest you start by reading the blogs posted under the Blog menu, or set an appointment with one of our financial advisors to discover where you really are in your financial life and take the Steps to make it better.  Treat your finances like a business and you will see your business and wealth flourish.

Request a private consultation with our financial advisors to show you where you are losing money that you can’t see and create a plan to capture that money and put it to work for you 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year… without any risk… not like the Stock Market Gambling Machine where the House is always the winner… not you!  If you read through this content and decide it makes sense… Take Action Now… don’t wait… waiting costs you money and money is hard earned and can be lost with a drop in the market in just a few minutes… don’t gamble your retirement or savings away… Do Something Now!

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