The Family Banking Plan


Becoming a Family Bank is not about a brick and mortal building but a concept of doing things the way banks do them.  Banks do not want you to know these secrets as it will stop them from making huge amounts of money from transactions with you.

Instead, when you become the Bank, you collect the principle and interest and have it all work for you at rates the banks are making and it’s all done legally, ethically, morally and without risk.  Want to learn how?

Oh, and we also teach you how to save on taxes, the great wealth destroyer!  The average consumer is paying 30 to 35% in taxes of each hard earned dollar.  Imagine cutting the taxes you pay by 5%, 10%, even 20%.  What would that do to your cash flow, your savings, your lifestyle?  It can be done, easily, but “they” don’t want you to know about it.

We will also teach you…

What are Wealth Transfers?

You Finance Everything You Buy!

How to Transform Debt Into Wealth.

How Many Times Can you Spend the Same Dollar?

The Truth About Rates of Return!

Creating Financial Certainty.

We teach you to do the exact opposite of Traditional Financial Planners and the results are far greater than from the stock market, retirement accounts, bonds and mutual funds… because of what they don’t tell you about costs, fees, rates of return and risk.

Give us a try… there is no risk and no obligation…

An Open Letter To Wealth Creation

Are you are sick and tired of investments that don’t work, retirement accounts that fail to produce, stocks and bonds that move down without you knowing, losing your hard earned money over and over again.
Learn what I did to correct this and how you can to without losing and without risk.  Download this article and see if it doesn’t resonate with you.