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  • Most students have multiple loans that add up to high monthly repayments
  • USSLC can consolidate your loans into one smaller payment and make it easier to live
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  • Lower Repayment Programs
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  • Student Loan Forgiveness
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We Like To Keep Things Simple


Student’s complete college and have an average of $37k in student loans.  They have multiple small loans all competing for their share of payment that adds up to high debt payments that they can’t afford and often default on, causing bad credit status, low credit scores and lost opportunity costs.  By combining student loans into one loan and lower the monthly payment, they can afford the payment and increase credit scores doing so.  Introducing US Student Loan Center (USSLC)

Payment Reduction – Do not be overwhelmed by your high student loans, let us help you lower your monthly student loan payments today!

The US Student Loan Center offers easy, quick and affordable solutions to any of the most common or most complex issues associated with the repayment of your student loans. Because every student’s situation is unique, our professional student loan counselors focus on tailoring each solution to your specific individual needs.

US Government Programs

US Student Loan Center uses the best repayment programs available through the US Department of Education to get you the lowest student loan payment possible. Further than that, we will attempt to enroll you in any forgiveness programs that may be available. Your eligibility for student loan forgiveness depends on the type of student loan in question. When you work with us, we will keep you updated throughout the entire process, but more importantly you will have the peace of mind knowing all of our services are backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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