You become the bank.  You know, those really tall buildings that every city in the world has.  However, you don’t have to build a really tall building.  You just get to make the great cash that banks can make with their financial strategies.  Banks use some strategies that we can’t use, but the ones we can will change your financial life permanently.  There are some key principles you need to know so you can do it too.  And yes, you can do this in the privacy of your own home and it won’t even hurt a bit.

Rates of Return –  Principle 1 – Banks are willing to spend a little interest to earn a lot of interest.  Meaning, they will pay you a little interest rate to use your money to lend out to others at higher interest rates.  What does it cost them? A little interest that they earn over and over again by lending out your money to others.

Volume of Dollars Working – Principle 2 – You have to accumulate a volume of dollars to work for you or you are always working for your money.  There are 3 types of spenders – 1 – those who spend on credit and work to pay off their debts spending gobs of money on principle and interest and never getting ahead. 2 – those who save their money and then spend it on what they want and never getting ahead because the money is gone, never to be spent again, never to earn interest for them.  3 – those who save their money and put it to work earning interest and dividends and then borrow against it to get what they want but the money is still working for them while they use it and pay it back with interest just like they would pay the bank, but they pay themselves back instead.

This is what we call the Family Banking Plan.  It’s a plan to save money, put it to work earning interest and dividend while reducing taxes and being able to use it and pay it back, use it and pay it back, use it and pay it back and every time you pay it back, it comes back stronger with more than ever before.   Why does this work?  Because it works like a bank works but it’s your Family Bank.

This could work with any financial tool but we use the most efficient financial tool available so you save more, protect assets better, grow fast with no risk, no tax consequences with liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment like never before.

Want security, then we need to talk.  Soon.

Lawrence M Law