Funding For Your Growing Business


  • Must have 2 years of Tax Returns
  • Must have $10k income monthly
  • Not necessary to have good credit but helps
  • If REIT, must have at least 5 properties to start, open ended loan structure, no requalifying

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Business Funding


Most of our business owners come into us with a common goal: Gain access to funding.

We have over 2000 lenders inside our Finance Suite and once enrolled; your business financials will be crossed checked against all the lending guidelines of each institution. Afterwards, you will be presented with lending options available for your specific business.

There is no limit to the amount of funding that can be received and business owners can couple products if they wish. There are more options available found inside the Finance Suite than anywhere else in the world. This is very powerful to you as a business owner who have been turned away by the banks or the Small Business Administration and told “You did NOT pass our underwriting guidelines, sorry. We can’t help you.”

There is access to funding. Business owners just need to know where to look. Bentley Capital Ventures

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