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Vantage Capital Alliance was created for the purpose of giving the Right Answers to the Hard Questions of financial planning (managing your money so you have some for a good standard of living and for retirement, even a legacy for your children).

Do you have Debt? – We help turn Debt into Wealth

Are you afraid for your Retirement losing again? – We can help by moving into No Risk programs that can recoup what was lost and get some great gains… with No Risk

Do you have Bad Credit? – We can fix it in just a few short months

Are you overloaded with Student Loan Debt? – We help consolidate the loans, reduce the payments and start the loan forgiveness clock.

Have a Business? – We help with Business Credit and Funding.  Up to $80 million for improvements, RE Portfolio, expansion, etc.

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The Family Banking Plan


If you could be the bank and capture principle, interest and lost opportunities for yourself instead of paying it to the bank, how would your future financial picture look?  That’s what we do… we help you become the Bank and it works like magic!  With a Family Banking Plan or Business Banking Plan you can learn how to achieve your maximum financial potential.  You can become the Bank and capture the principle and interest normally paid out to others.

Expert Credit Recovery


You have a financial bucket and it’s leaking.  Unless your credit score is higher than 760, you are losing money and it can be very expensive.  If you need help then you need help fast.  We specialize in Day-1 credit recovery with our unique team of experts.  Contact us today for a quick consultation. We are your 1st and only contact for Day-1 results.  Do you have Bad Credit?  Let’s fix it!

Make Additional Income


Most families or individuals need to make additional income… without a lot of expense either in dollars or time.  We show options to do just that.  Whether you need to replace your income or just add significant part time income, we have researched, tested and implemented these programs so you know they are safe, effective and successful for anyone to do.

Need to Eliminate Debt… FAST?


The difference between Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation can be a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. We have the tools to negotiate settlements and remove negatives to pay off debt and move your credit score to the top.  What if you could have one dollar doing the work of many dollars?  How fast would that make your debt go away?  Grow assets?  We are experts devoted to your financial today and tomorrow.  We will always work for you so that you can do more of what you do best.  Debt costs money… Big Money!  Call your Debt Expert today!

Student Loans Weighing You Down?


You’ve got a great education… you’ve graduated and now you have… yup, debt.  Each student loan can each cost you a small monthly payment that adds up to a big monthly payment from all loans that often puts new graduates into a financial hole.  We can help with combining the loans into one and making the payment small enough to handle.  Sometimes, the loan itself can be reduced or eliminated altogether because of government assisted programs that you don’t even know about.  Get started today… give us a call!

The Vantage Capital Promise


We promise to serve you to the best ability possible.  We promise to find the best solutions, the best financial tools and the best protection for you, our client, regardless of what is trending or what is the latest craze.  What we offer is not conventional, not the main stream, because we all know the mainstream is NOT WORKING!  We promise to show you what works, how it works and why it works so you are secure in knowing IT WILL WORK!

Business Credit & Funding


Business Owners typically don’t know how to get credit and or funding.  Going to the bank just makes it worse because they will tell you don’t fit their criteria but they won’t tell you why your business doesn’t qualify. We can, we do and it’s free.  Click a button below to see more of what we have to offer.

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P Sheranian

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Steve Morrow

TruePointe Mortgage

“We were excited and pleased to see that the scores for this client had actually gone up!”
Stevan and Leuri Davis

“VCA solved my debt problem in half the time that others said they could do it…”
R Harrison