Protect & Multiply Your Assets


  • Family Banking Plan has no risk
  • Capture Interest, Principle and taxes and put them to work for you
  • Guaranteed rate of return
  • Increase volume of money earning
  • Have Liquidity, Use and Control
  • Increase Lifestyle and still have more retirement income

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Safeguard Your Assets & Retirement Accounts


“If you want to earn like a bank then you have to act like a bank.”  Lawrence M Law

The Family Banking Plan is a simple way to earn interest like banks do.

This is ‘Blow Your Mind’ stuff that I want you to take a serious look at… before its Too Late!

In this short introduction, I will explain why you have financial stress, risk of asset losses, the biggest drain on your hard earned money, how to stop the leaks in your financial bucket and save interest, insurance and taxes you normally pay out to others and put it into a system that has you think outside the “non functioning” typical Financial Planners Box and the Big Casino Stock Market. Are you concerned about your finances in general and retirement specifically? Read on…

As an expert in credit repair, debt settlement and business credit, I have enjoyed helping people get out of debt and stop the leak of money from their financial buckets.  But people have continued to ask me about what is the safest way to build up their finances for living now and retirement in the future. I admit I tried most “traditional” ways of saving and investing. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, gold, silver and even Real Estate Investing.

There are key criteria when looking for a financial vehicle to save, earn and protect your financial assets from pillage, decline, taxes, fees, and costs, loss of liquidity, use and control. You know it’s true! You see your assets rise and fall with the whim of the stock market, the government regulations, programs, tax hikes, inflation, costs and fees pulled out yearly or monthly, and loss of opportunity growth due to loss of assets. (Have your assets been hit recently…?  It takes 2 times the growth to recover from a 50% loss!)

After years of research, trial and error, I am delighted to pass on the safest, cleanest way to build a legacy for you and your families’ future.  It will save you on interest, insurance, taxes and capture lost finances and fees and put it into your family legacy with liquidity, use and control, certainty and enjoyment of those assets… now, while you are growing those assets.

Typical Financial Planning’s answer to funds lost due to stock market losses, fees, management costs or higher premiums is to keep adding more funds to cover the losses… But what if you run out of funds, or want to retire… what do you do?

– Tax Free –

What if we could show you how to stop the losses, guarantee a rate of return, have liquidity, use, control, certainty & enjoyment of your funds, capture interest, insurance and taxes you normally pay out and use it instead to build up the assets in your own banking system? Would you let me refer you to an expert to show you how it works… with common sense answers to difficult questions that actually work… with no risk?

Most people do not know where they are with their financial goals. Perhaps you can better answer that with these steps to financial security. Regardless of where you need to start, you need to start… Now!

Stop the Bleeding by…

– Getting Out Of Debt – (The cost of debt is interest, fees, penalties, stress & lost opportunities.)

– Have Credit Scores 760 or higher – (the cost of bad credit is estimated at $12.50/hr. 24/7, 365 days a year.)

– Reduce Taxes – there are over 440 tax deductions with owning a business. Taxes will bleed you to death; they are the Great Wealth Destroyer.

Growth Acceleration and Financial Protection by…

– Having a place to store and grow large sums of money for banking and retirement that is liquid, safe, secure, guaranteed to grow with no taxes, no losses, having total use and control of and working for you in multiple different ways. (Hint: it’s not the stock market, retirement accounts, bonds, CD’s, gold or silver.)

– No Risk –

Knowledge is power and without this knowledge you are at the whim of the stock market, congress, laws and regulations without power to control where or what your money is doing. Call for an appointment to see the most unique, versatile, safe, worry free cash flow growth system the financial world has ever seen. (801-769-9443)

Why have you not heard about it before? Because the run of the mill financial planners make more money selling you the other stuff… they make more commission… at your expense.

Who is doing it? Banks, Investors, Insurance Companies, Corporations, individuals and families, who want to protect their assets, have a steady rate of growth, liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment of their funds… all without risk. Banks call it BOLI and Corporations call it COLI.

The Infinite Banking Concept or Family Banking Plan is the name of the concept… BUT, it’s all about strategy… It’s much more than a product; it’s an idea, a concept that once learned, applied correctly, will reward you with more than enough for you now, and then build a legacy for your family for generations… It’s knowing that taxes are the great wealth destroyer and cutting taxes and loan expenses can be a great wealth creator… It’s knowing that interest never sleeps, never takes a vacation, never is forgiving if you owe debt… or… works to your advantage when put to strategic use… always working, growing day by day, never resting… It’s knowing that a bucket full of holes can never be filled, yet, a bucket with no holes can be filled with a trickle… it’s understanding that the Tortoise always won the race over the hasty and reckless Hare. It’s starting sooner than later, knowing that each day lost can be tens of thousands of dollars of lost opportunity.

If something you thought was true about money was not true… when would you want to know about it?  We want to show you the answer…

Now, let’s save and grow you a ton of money… without RISK.

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