Credit Repair Loans Ineligible to Wells Fargo?

Many of you may know that last October Wells Fargo issued an update to their guides that if consumers use credit repair companies to correct “inaccurate” information on their credit report, the loan is “ineligible” for sale to Wells Fargo.

As recently as this month the National Mortgage Professional released an article that stated “A leading problem in accurate credit reporting is the VERY EXISTENCE OF CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY’S.”

WOW… Sounds like getting inaccurate and damaging negatives off your credit report is a waste of time, money and effort…  Hey, Not So Fast… Let’s look at what is really happening and why the industry is in such a tizzy…

First off, the Credit Repair Industry has been a SCAM industry for decades and there are those who are honest, diligent and concerned to providing a legal service that works for the consumer… you!

Second, the Credit Bureaus started this mess by allowing 79% of all credit reports holding negative information that is not theirs.  Read the Calpirg Report. How can an individual fight against an industry that skews the information that dramatically… without recourse and not try to get it corrected as the US Congress says we should.  Click Here for the Report

After 24 years of doing Credit Repair for clients as a Mortgage Loan Officer and Real Estate Investor and now as a Consumer Credit Advocate, I have found that the Credit Bureaus are not your friend when trying to get a fair shake with your credit report.  They make Billions of dollars by keeping negative information on your credit report by selling the information of who has good or bad credit to creditors across the country.  If you have good credit, this fills your mail box and email box with junk offers for credit of all kinds.  And if you have bad credit, this fills your mail and email box with offers to fix your credit by spammers and scammers trying to take your money.  You can block this junk mail and email by going putting in an order to Opt Out to the Credit Bureaus. Go Here to Opt Out.

The problem with the Wells Fargo report of not allowing those who have done Credit Repair to not be eligible is far-fetched at best if you use a reputable credit repair company.  The reason?  How will they know if it has credit repair if the negatives are removed permanently off your credit report… As IF It Never Happened!!! The result… Vantage Credit Alliance in association with our attorney firm National Credit Federation has never had a client be denied because they had Credit Repair done.  The creditor would never know.  It’s that simple.

So, give us a try… let us do a free Credit Analysis and show you what a Reputable Credit Repair company can do to eliminate negatives, increase credit scores and open up opportunities lost because of bad credit.  It’s up to you to take action and let us show you what is possible.

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