Rather than call me names and swearing, let’s look at the problems associated with typical, so called Financial Planning.

I don’t think Financial Planners are trying to take advantage of the investors, rather, I think they are uninformed, uneducated and not thinking outside the box. They probably are investing in the their own recommendations and excited about the big gains they make but frustrated with the huge losses as well.

The reason Typical Financial Planning is a Farce is because of what it doesn’t do to protect, grow and perform multiple functions for the investor.  Let’s tear this apart to see how it works, what it does, doesn’t do and what can make it work better. Working better means Safety, Protection, Growth and Stability and doing Multiple Functions with the same money. Compounding your Portfolio.

Typical Financial planning is all based on Averages and Averages don’t work… period.  They are based upon “if’s” and “hope” for results to happen. Most financial planning strategies are pointed toward retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, money markets, mutual funds, treasury bills, CD’s, fixed annuity’s, etc. which are all based upon the Stock Market. What is the stock market but the biggest casino in the world.  Are you really going to gamble on your financial future to a gamble on if’s and hope your stocks go up and not go down.

There are some serious disadvantages to Typical Financial Planning products.  Things like lack of liquidity, no guarantees, drastic drops, limited use, no protection from taxes, fees and charges and others. In another blog we will discuss each of these at length.

The averages say that the stock market has averaged about 2% over the last twelve years.  Why?  Because of several years of sharp declines that suck away the hoped for growth over the preceding years. Instead of the hoped for 10 or 20% growth… you get 2%.  That is just not going to cut it.  What is needed is the a steady, solid, guaranteed rate of growth, protection from tax loss, declines in the market, doing double duty with the same money and recapture money that normally gets paid to others. Sounds wonderful, eh?  Well, it can be done and it’s actually a product that many, many financial planners poo-poo and say is too slow, costs too much and doesn’t work. I will show you in succeeding blogs that it does work, makes sense, very liquid, grows fast, guaranteed rate and does multiple things at the same time.

I hope I have caught your attention. This needs to be shared because so many people are gambling on their future lifestyle and many are losing to the house. It just doesn’t need to be that way. Keep reading and I will explain each phase in detail and how you can take advantage of this to gain back the losses you had in the stock market and guarantee your financial future.

Need more info, call for a consultation and let’s get the information you need to make an informed decision rather than a closed eyes, kiss on the dice gamble.  801-769-9443