Micheal’s Credit is Completely Clean After 5 Months!


“I’ve been a client of National Credit Federation and I’m happy to report that 

in only five months they we’re able to completely clear up my credit. They exceeded my expectations and as you can imagine I’m very proud of the work they were able to accomplish for me.

I’d also like to thank my case coordinator Monique Martin; she is very professional and easy to work with. Thanks again National Credit Federation.”

Michael P.

San Diego

Personal Finance Apps Everyone Needs



Make saving an automatic habit. It works by depositing a percentage of what a user spends whenever they buy something into a savings account. That way, the user is saving even when spending.

Level Money

Avoid going into debt over a purchase with this app that gives users a constant real-time picture of their current spending ability. It looks at income and expenses so that it can tell users how much they can responsibly spend at any given time.

Menu Planner

This app  helps users plan meals, find recipes and come up with shopping lists. Food is one of the biggest and most flexible expenses people have, and making tasty meals at home is a way to save.


Never forget to pay a bill on time again: this app helps users stay on top of their bills and sends an alert when funds are getting low. It sends bill payment reminders and gives users the option to either pay the bill right away or schedule payment later.

You Need a Budget

This personal finance software runs on a desktop computer, but includes companion mobile apps that complement the service. Its features are built around a set of key principles, one of which is to make sure every dollar of a person’s budget is accounted for – giving every dollar a job, in the app’s parlance. The service also helps users save by breaking planned big-ticket expenses into small chunks that are incrementally budgeted for over time to avoid creating debt.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

~ Johann von Goethe


Herschel Bentley is the Executive Director of National Credit Federation.  He has 30 years experience in the credit, mortgage and real estate markets and loves helping people improve their credit and seeing referral sources grow their business.

Lawrence M Law is the CEO of Vantage Credit Alliance and has been the credit and financial industry for over 25 years.  He has been a Credit Repair agent, financial adviser, mortgage lender and real estate investor.  He is an author and a coach for small businesses.  If you need his assistance, he offers a free coaching hour to help with decided what is needed and which direction to go.  Contact him at 801-769-9443801-769-9443 or request an appointment by Clicking Here.

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