Kyle’s Score Went Up 146 Points in 4 Months!!!

“When I first came to the program my credit score was 590. 

Four months later my score was improved to 736 with the help of NCF.


Now I am able to put my house on the market and look for a new home.

I have recommended NCF to my CPA and Realtor for them to spread the word.”

Kyle B.

Tomball, TX



Do you have serious coffee habits that involve paying too much money for a large foamy cappuccino every morning? Have you calculated how much you’d save each year if you didn’t buy your daily cup, and then deciding over and over again if it’s worth it? Not only you’re spending $4 on coffee, you’re spending mental energy too.  If it’s not coffee each morning, perhaps it’s a Big Drink, donuts, lunches, cigarettes, or anything else that is a habit on things that are wasting your hard earned money.

Here are three economic concepts to remember when putting yourself through this mental anguish over coffee and money.

Opportunity Costs

“The true cost of something is what you give up to get it. This includes not only the money spent in buying or doing the something, but also the economic benefits that you did without because you bought or did that particular something and thus can no longer buy or do something else.”

So the cost of your cappuccino is not just the $4, it’s also not putting that money towards something else. One coffee a week, three less items of clothes a year…If you are debating between two shirts—one for $40, and one for $70, take the $40 one and go enjoy your weekly allowed cup of deliciously expensive coffee.  Click Here for more details on Lost Opportunity Costs

Sunk Costs

“When what is done cannot be undone. Sunk costs are costs that have been incurred and cannot be reversed.” That equipment you purchased to make coffee at home, the sad French press and coffee grinder that look longingly at you when you head out to Starbucks, those are sunk costs. You might feel guilty about them collecting dust on the shelf, but do you factor how much you paid for them when you are ordering that latte? Hmmm…latte…

Diminishing Returns

“The more you have, the smaller the extra benefit you get from having even more; also known as diseconomies of scale.” In other words, the more coffee you buy, the less you enjoy each additional cup. OK, so maybe only one coffee a week  (or only one per day).

Ok, maybe giving up coffee won’t be where you save money. Let’s face it, for coffee lovers that cup brings energy & productivity! And those things have a lot of value. Just give up all the mental calculations instead.

“Life is like a ten speed bicycle.

Most of us have gears we never use.”

~ Charles M. Schulz

  Herschel Bentley is the Executive Director of National Credit Federation.  He has 30 years experience in the credit, mortgage and real estate markets and loves helping people improve their credit and seeing referral sources grow their business.

Lawrence M Law is a Regional Director for National Credit Federation and has over 25 years in the credit industry. He is an expert in credit education and would love to help people get out of the 500 to 700 point black hole the credit bureaus have created.  Contact him for a Free Credit Analysis at 801-769-9443 or Click Here to request a private consultation. 

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