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Beware the ‘Gray’ Charges


The allure of free two-day shipping or credit monitoring is hard to pass up. But many consumers don’t read the fine print or later forget to cancel. And that’s what companies are banking on.

A new study shows consumers are individually paying hundreds of dollars in extra charges each year for services they never wanted or meant to sign up for.

Collectively, consumers paid $14.3 billion in unwanted charges last year. One in three American card holders is hit with these “gray charges” at an average of $215 per person per year.

Services that offer a free trial and then convert you into a paid subscriber are the most prevalent of unwanted charges, collecting $6.1 billion from consumers last year. They make up nearly half of all gray charge transactions.

These gray charges are not illegal; they’re just kind of unethical and a little bit questionable, and many times it’s the consumer’s behavior that triggers these gray charges.

In many cases, people forget they signed up for something, which merchants are counting on. And consumers often don’t dispute the charges because most people are so busy that it’s a hassle trying to get your money back. Of those who incurred gray charges last year, the largest percentage dealt with charges totaling $20 to $50.

The prevalence of gray charges stems from consumers’ increasing preference to use debit and credit cards as a payment method, as well as making online purchases. Both make it easier for merchants to keep your billing and contact information on file.

Consumer advocates hope that the prevalence of deceptive marketing practices will be addressed.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’.”

~ Audrey Hepburn

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