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6 Ways To Save Money on Your Smartphone Bill


The average data, texting and minute plan runs $2,100 for a two-year contract. That does not include taxes (which run about 15 percent) or overage charges and other fees. Tack those on, and it is easy to spend $3,400 over two years. Check out these tips for lowering your smartphone expenses.

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1. Reduce your data plan. (see above) Data plans can run anywhere from $15 to $80 a month. Fear of pricey overage charges leads many people to purchase larger data plans than they really need. Track your usage for a month or two to see if you can reduce your data plan and costs.

2. Use free wireless connections. Set your phone so that it automatically reverts to using your home’s wireless network (Wi-Fi) when available. When your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it is no longer tapping into your paid data plan.

3. Rein in app purchases. Smartphone users spent a collective $8 billion on apps in 2012. Up to a quarter of those apps were used only once.

4. Talk and text for free. (See above) If you have unlimited data but limited talk minutes, Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) apps can save on phone minutes and texting usage.

5. Nix unnecessary features. Review your plan and bill carefully each month. Look for extra services that you are not using. For instance, you could be paying for unnecessary visual voicemail, roadside service, navigation and ring tones.

6. Look into prepaid plans. (See Ad above) Check your carrier’s account records to determine just how much data, voice minutes and texts you actually use. Once you have a good sense of your usage, compare costs with contract plans from major carriers, and prepaid or pay-as-you-go plans. These plans usually charge for what you use, but do not provide discounted phone costs. Still, many people find that pay-as-you-go plans can be a wise, money-saving option even if you have to pay full price for a phone.

Unlimited Talk, Text & Data $29.99/mo

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