The classic Aesop’s Fable of the Tortoise and the Hare is an illustration of how slow and steady can outperform fast and sloppy. We all get that, it works and there are always those who point out that if the Hare just kept going, he could win the race far faster than the Tortoise. Sure, and pigs fly… every once in awhile you will see a pig flying and it defies logic, understanding and the averages… so why do we keep on imagining that we can be the Hare and outperform the Tortoise?

The Fable is designed to teach a lesson that each of us should remember in everything we do… Slow and steady wins the race… for the average person who does not have extra bonus working for him/her.  Bonuses like better resources, team assistance, better financing, better skills, better training, better anything… all things being equal, slow and steady wins the race…!  So why are we constantly trying to do it the fast way?

I have spent my life trying to beat the system.  Trying to be the Hare and beat the Tortoise.  But I have found that what I was trying to do was be greedy… I was not living by the rules of Slow and Steady… Wins the Race.  And it has cost me huge amounts of lost assets, pain, misery and lost opportunity.

Yes, I get it… story after story of someone who stuck their neck out to win the race in record time.  Stories of teenagers who became millionaires overnight. People who risked it all and won…  OK, look at the details… read the rest of the story.  Find out the extraordinary things that happened that just don’t happen to you and I.  Can they?  Sure,  with luck, a twist of fate, careful planning for years or decades and then… magic…

However, the lesson of the Tortoise and the Hare are still here to teach us that  Slow and Steady Wins the Race… almost every time… so why fight it?

Because we are greedy… Ok, I get it… However, I suggest putting your money to work in something that has proven itself for thousands of years, over and over again… When did Aesop write his Fable?  Yup, thousands of years ago and it is still true today.

OK, so I have proven my point, now I will apply it to finances… the “Financial Guru’s” have planted in our brains that Fast and Furious is the way to go… with tons of Risk and Loss… wow, what a great Financial Plan. And they have proven to us that it doesn’t work.  Retiree’s today should have an average of $700,000 for retirement when they retire based on what the “Experts” said they should do to make it happen… it didn’t work, hasn’t worked, won’t work, the system is flawed and now we all know it…  Just look, the average retiree has only less that $80,000 saved for retirement and inflation and taxes are eating that up… it’s disastrous and criminal!

But, Aesop’s Fable to the rescue… at least for those who has some time before retirement.  The middle aged and youth do have time for the best financial tool built on Slow and Steady to work.  And work it does… in fact so well that you would think it is Fast and Furious… but it has no risk, no taxes and no risk… did I say that twice..?

Family Banking or Infinite Banking Concept is just that, a concept that when applied with the right tools can outperform any other financial tool out there by factors of 10 to 100 depending upon usage… yup, using it actually makes it work stronger cause it is based on how Banks make their money… not by the interest rates charged but by the velocity of that money at that interest rate… or how many times can I make that money work for me at that rate in the a certain amount of time?  The more it works, the greater the velocity.

Have you ever noticed that Banks and Insurance companies have the tallest buildings in any city in America… heck, the whole world for that matter… Why? Because they know how money works and that is what we do for you. We teach  you how money works.. it’s not that complicated. In 4 short lessons, we teach you how money really works, how to use that knowledge to create your own wealth and to outperform any other financial tool out there… I don’t care if they make 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60% returns.  This can outperform it… How?

By the velocity of money, based on a guaranteed rate of return, with dividends and liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment of your money while it is growing for you. Sounds too good to be true… LOL… I love it… It’s too good to miss…

We offer free training on How Banks Make Gobs of Money and How You Can Too… just give us a call at Vantage Credit Alliance 801-769-9443 or email us at and ask for free training…

This is no hype! I warned you that it would be Slow and Steady and outperform any other financial tool out there… don’t believe me, are you a financial planner and want to prove me wrong?  I dare you… call and let’s have that heart stopping conversation that will through your whole financial planning business in a tail spin… I dare you… and hope you have the guts to call. It will change your life and the lives of your clients into a safer, more secure financial plan than you have ever seen before… I dare you!

Lawrence M Law