NCF’s Tuesday Tidbit’s!  

Geana Was Approved for a Home Loan with a 3% Interest Rate!  Click Here to Hear From Geana…


“My name is Geana B. I am from Bradenton, Fl and I am the IT Manager for a local retailer.

After years of making poor financial decisions, joining NCF was the best financial decision I have ever made! Before NCF, I had a bankruptcy, late and/or missed credit payments and 2 collections for breaking apartment leases. My credit was 556. Within 3 months of partnering with NCF my score was 626 (above the minimum 620 required to purchase a home)!

NCF was great to work with. The Members Service representatives were extremely helpful and having access through the online portal made it very easy to get information quickly. I did not have the time or the knowledge, much less the energy, to take on the credit bureaus. NCF did all of the heavy lifting for me!

I please to tell you that one year later my score is 655 and I was able to purchase my first home with an interest of only 3%!!!!!

Thank you NCF! It has been well worth it!

Take Full Advantage of Money-Saving Plans


One of the best ways to save money is to capitalize on things you already do. It’s easy to sign up for memberships and special programs, but are you taking full advantage of them?


Once you hit the mid-century mark, the AARP sends you a membership card. Don’t grimace and toss it. For $16 a month, you can get some great deals on everything from car rentals to hotel accommodations. Look to for the “Today’s Hot Deals” and “Like Free Stuff” tabs. AARP also offers deals at stores such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Papa John’s and the UPS store.


By using its huge buying power with more than 70 million cardholders, Costco can offer discounts on health and dental plans, mortgage services and auto sales, in addition to gasoline and TP.


Managing all the rewards and points you earn can be daunting. Now there’s a website that makes it easy: Enter all your membership cards; it’s affiliated with more than 100 programs. Add the cards to your virtual “Rewards Wallet” to maintain your balance, trade points with others and even buy additional rewards points.  It also promises to show users top-secret ways to earn more points.

“Time is more valuable than money.

You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.”

~ Jim Rohn

Herschel Bentley is the Executive Director of National Credit Federation.  He has 30 years experience in the credit, mortgage and real estate markets and loves helping people improve their credit and seeing referral sources grow their business.

Lawrence M Law is the CEO of Vantage Credit Alliance and is Regional Manager for National Credit Federation – NCF.  He has had 28 years experience in credit, mortgage and real estate markets and focuses on the individual or family to help solve financial problems and move them into a wealth building module.  Call him today for an appointment… 801-769-9443 or email at or Click Here for Free Consultation