There are 5 basic financial needs we need to discuss…
1 – DebtEmpty Pockets
2 – Income
3 – Credit
4 – Savings
5 – Retirement


1 – Debt can be dealt with several different ways; Pay the full amount over time, Settle at reduced amounts and pay it off over time, or put money into a Family Banking Plan and have it earn income and dividends and borrow against to pay off debt and pay yourself back with interest. You will find that instead of losing the cost of the debt, you will actually increase your cash flow this way… we will show by example and actual dollars.

2 – Income can be earned several different ways. You can go to work and earn whatever the going rate is for your time. It could be $9/hr or $180/hr. This is called wages or salary. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There is another way to earn income and that is through Residual Income. Where you build a team of like minded people who want to earn residual income and after doing the work initially, the income keeps on rolling in regardless of whether you are working or not… Your income potential is unlimited.

3 – Credit can be an asset or a liability. It can help you take advantage of opportunities or block you. It creates financial leaks if the credit is bad or additional income streams if the credit is good. Any cost associated to doing successful credit recovery is a short term investment that pays off handsomely year after year in cost savings that could become hundreds of thousands in savings over 30 plus years…

4 – Savings is only as good as how, where and what you save. You can save at the bank and get hardly any interest income… or, you can save in high risk, low risk or no risk type accounts that have obvious advantages and disadvantages.
Banks utilize 3 keys to produce the kinds of returns that warrants building the tallest buildings in any city in the world. 1 – Rate of return, 2 – Volume of money, 3 – Velocity of money. The combination can create astounding income. We suggest setting up your own banking system to capture these type of returns that will fund your daily life and your retirement at the same time. Enjoying your hard earned money all along the way…

5 – Retirement – there are several ways to save/earn for retirement. Retirement planning is about finding a safe haven for your hard earned money as well as having a great rate of growth from interest and dividend earnings. Traditional Financial Planning has some serious flaws that have shown their ugly heads in the past decade and stopped millions from being able to retire when they wanted to. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Qualified Retirement accounts, Precious Metals, Commodities even Real Estate all have issues with highs and lows in the stock market, the economy increases and declines, rates of return, inflation and taxes. In other words… RISK. It would be best to reduce or eliminate risk so that you can count on those funds when the time comes to actually use or retire when you want to.

I am aware of only one financial tool that has all the benefits and none of the weaknesses of all of these financial investment or retirement tools. The Family Banking Plan based on the Infinite Banking Concept will outperform any other tool by factors of 10 and still do it with virtually no risk… how? Well, the math proves it and the evidence of who does it shows that they trust it with a significant percentage of total assets. Who? The banks themselves, Corporations of all kinds and sizes and the Wealthy. So, who should you be listening to? Financial planners that are wealthy because they are controlling your money and charging huge fees and admin costs to manage it at high risk levels… or the banks who don’t want you to know about their secret to use the Infinite Banking Concept and tell you to use their “Preferred Financial Planners” that suck money out of your pockets and into theirs… or, those who have proven track records of amassing wealthy cash portfolios that save, protect and grow assets… with liquidity, use and control and tax advantages, legacy features and Life benefits…?

In all, there are good, better and best ways to do anything. We usually are taught how to do it the best way from the financial institutions to make the most money for them, from your ignorance. Through education and resources that are knowledgeable, trusted and proven, you can get into using the best ways to save, protect and grow assets, while having liquidity, use and control… without risk… Isn’t that what you really want?

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