Here is an answer to the Age Old question of do I build a business or get a J.O.B.?

You face the challenge all men, everywhere face from the beginning of time.

Women want security and men want adventure and the ability to go out and not be tied down to another man’s dreams.

There is a compromise and that is to work for someone else while you build your dream of your own.  Then, as your dream becomes successful, you can replace your J.O.B. with your own business and you are on your way.   This takes time, dedication and commitment to your dream. It will not happen overnight and you have to acquire or use the skills you have learned to make it come true.

For example, I am an expert at MLM or Network Marketing having been in the industry for 37 years. I have made a lot of money and lost a lot of money in this industry and yet there are more millionaires made in this industry than any other.

However, for 97% of the population, it does not work… for several reasons…

– it is designed to take from those who do not work… with skills and give to those who do.

– it requires dedication… 1 to 2 years of commitment.

– it compensates those who are in the 3%, more than those in the 97%

– requires a great company, with great executives, and a great compensation plan

– there are a lot of others but time does not permit.

After a lot of research, I found that $500 extra a month makes a huge impact on most families financial situations. MLM is the fastest, safest, easiest way to make that but most are unwilling to do what it takes to make it work. There are other options but they take longer, more money, time, or effort to make it happen.

What am I getting at… I research options for my clients to make more money because the #1 cause of bad credit is bad cash flow.  They need the extra money. In your case, you need a job just to pay the bills.  Well, go get a job… now… before the bills start stacking up and then we can discuss your dream.

I have several options for increasing or making an extra $500 a month.  There are not many that meet my criteria, which is pretty tough.  Most MLM’s do NOT qualify. However, I have found 1 that does and if you are interested… I will discuss it with you… But, you do have to get a job and something that will pay the bills, then we can discuss growing a business… by the way, owning a home based business will save a ton on taxes that you don’t have to pay when you apply the deductions that are available.

There are a ton of secrets that are available to save money, earn money and grow money.  We just have to discuss them when you are ready..

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