Bridge of Spies

In movies now, Bridge of Spies takes place in the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union (Russia). It’s based on actual events and I was very impressed with the story line and how well it captivated me for the 2 hrs. and 21 minutes. I took a friend with me and normally there is a lot of talking during a movie with experiences and memories of this and that… but not this time.  I think she was mesmerized by the story, the intrigue and suspense.  It was good.

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Tom Hanks was the lead actor as James Donovan, plays a lead Brooklyn attorney pushed into helping negotiate the release of a captured American U-2 spy plane pilot by the CIA.

Since the trailers came out a couple of months ago, this looked like a great movie to watch and get involved in. Steven Spielberg has done it again with stories that capture and draw the audience in.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone but especially to parents with teenagers so they can get a taste of what the world was like in the 50’s and 60’s when this nation was strong and getting stronger against world bullies.  I hope this would spark a conversation about freedom and it’s cost by men and woman who put their lives on the line.

One particular part of the movie reminded me of my business. James Donovan, the attorney, was always searching for the truth, in fact demanded it of all people. He also believed in the cause he was working on and made sure he got what he was after.

We do this in our business also. It’s a matter of getting for our client, what our client needs regardless of the effort to make it so… And, we demand honesty, integrity and discipline… of ourselves but also of our clients.  This creates success and the accomplishment of goals our clients has set out for us to accomplish.  Doable?  Very much.  Just discover what our clients are saying about us…

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