If something you knew about money wasn’t true… When would you want to know about it…?

We learn about money from our experiences and from what we learn from our parents… by word and by example.  Then we learn additional things about money from school, job and the University of Hard Knocks. Often times, we learn things that are just not true and yet they seem to make sense but they never work for us.  In fact, we seem to lose money every time we try to do things “right”.

There are Financial Planners, Stock Brokers, Bankers, Educators all over the world who are banking on the fact that you will listen to their lies and buy into their investments and screw you out of your money. It’s time to set the facts straight and show you how to avoid these costly mistakes.

Every time you open up a Prospectus for an investment it is supposed to protect you from making an investment without knowing all the facts and yet, they will only give you an “average” rate of return or return on investment. What does this mean for you…? Well, if you only get averages… what the actual rates of return and how does that affect your real, hard earned money?

In the stock market over the past 12 years there have been ups and downs as high as 100% return and as low at 50% loss… Yeah, on the good years, we are jumping up and down saying the stock market is the hottest thing since sliced bread… but… uh, BUT… we could also have a 2008 year where a lot of people lost 50% or more of their investments and who gets stuck with the bill?  They do, you and me, we who have money in retirement and investments.  We lose… and nobody is bailing us out.

So, is there a better way?  If there were things about money that you thought were true but were not, when would you want to know?  Probably right away and wished it could have been years sooner.

I am going to show you over the coarse of several posts that there is a better way… far better way in using your money to work for you in a safe, secure, guaranteed rate of return, tax protected and great growth potential without having to deal with average or lies about your money. I will make is sensible, honest, understandable and profitable for you to understand and do.

There is a better way. In fact, I have no money in the stock market and have not had for decades… plain and simple, it doesn’t work.  Any time the stock market goes up, someone is winning and someone is losing. Any time the stock market goes down, someone is winning and someone is losing… Those a lot smarter and craftier than you are the ones making the money…

There is a better way… keep watching and I will show you a guaranteed, foolproof, actual growth, tax free, secure and safe way to grow and protect your money…

Watch this video for a preview… http://alliancegroupfinancial.com/videos/