Hi my name is Helon and I live in Katy, Texas and for the past seven years I’ve been a letter carrier. Before I came to National Credit Federation I was getting declined for things.

I tried to apply for a car with my credit union and I was declined due to certain things like having medical bills and a broken lease. It was just crazy and I got really tired of being denied. I met with Harry Bradley and he introduced me to Krista. Working with Krista was an excellent experience.

Now my credit score is excellent and I was able to purchase a home that was $201,000, 100% financing on an FHA loan, I purchased a 2011 Jaguar, I was approved for a Home Depot card, an Exxon credit card, and everything has just been wonderful since I met Krista and joined National Credit Federation.

Everything is just wonderful. I know I was in the 500’s but the broken lease was really hurting me as well as the medical bills.

When Krista attacked them, by the third round, we started to get some great results. She was always very honest with me, I didn’t have any problems. I would call her, and if I couldn’t get her right then and there, she would call me back. If I called and she didn’t answer I would email her and sometimes she would email me before she was able to call me back, answering me back in like 10 minutes, and I was like “Wow she’s still working.”

Krista and I cried together, laughed together, and we rejoiced together and she’s an excellent person.

Posted by Laura on March 6th, 2013 :