If life is going good for you financially then you are content with what couple_diningyou doing and no need to change… Right?

But if your financial life is in TILT mode and you want some serious answers… let’s talk.

I have heard, seen read and been shouted at for decades that Traditional Financial Planning is the way to go.  Invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold and silver.. anything with high risk and you will make millions and if it falls a little, well, cost averaging and it will recover… Yeah… Right!

Let’s look at that and then give you some Reality Check answers that make sense.

Everything I mentioned above is high risk.  Are you a gambling man or woman?  You want to risk losing 30 to 70% or 100% of your hard earned money that you are squirreling away for retirement?  I didn’t think so and that makes sense.  I’m curious why Traditional Financial Planners are all wanting you to believe that high risk doesn’t mean high risk or that it will eventually come back… Really!?  Eventually!?  Sheesh!

Example – the stock market… by definition it is decreasing growth arrowhigh risk, even the “safe ones” are high risk because you have no clue if it is going to rise or fall tomorrow… NONE!  It’s only a guess and the tide can turn before you can scratch your head and wonder what happened…

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2  OK, how about Gold and Silver… well, the same thing as the stock market only in reverse and most of us “part time investors” always catch things after they have risen or fallen. We lose every time.  Oh, I have heard of people catching the rise… occasionally and then it’s them, not me… not very often… the average is not good and it’s always a gamble…

Retirement accounts… based on the stock market again… it’s a gambling machine and you are not the house… so, you lose!

Real Estate – again it’s a crap shoot and why would you want to put  wealthy homeyour hard earned money into an “investment” that gives you absolutely no return on your money and increases risk the more money you put into it?  Answer – there is no return of interest on the money you have paid toward a home or investment property, you are gambling that the home will be worth more than you paid for it… high risk. Also, the more you put into the equity of the home, the better it looks for a foreclosure should you lose a job and can’t pay the mortgage.  But, with all that great equity in the home, if someone files a lawsuit against you and wins… hey, they get the cash and you are out on the street.  Why wave all your money in front of people to tantalize them to take it from you…  Perhaps it would be better put to work earning a stable, and guaranteed rate of return with no risk and flaunting the money…

This is where I tell you about Credit Repair to stop the bleeding, pay of your debt and earn money doing so and saving, protecting and growing your assets… WITH NO RISK!!!  How can I say this without it going on deaf ears… There is NO RISK!!!

Stock Market – HIGH RISK!!!

The Family Banking Plan – NO RISK!!!

Dave Ramsey is WRONG!  Suze Orman is WRONG! and anyone else saying that the stock market is the way to go or any investment or savings program that has high risk is a good way to go.  STUPID!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman when it comes to getting out of debt and staying out… Kudos!  But when they knock Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidation or Family Banking Plan… that’s where I draw the line and say… they are totally and completely WRONG…   It’s ok, I get it, they want to sell books and speaking engagements and Term Life Insurance and Mutual Funds… They have their place but they are poor as investments or protection… poor, poor, poor!

VCA Logo small CRBAHow does Credit Repair make sense?  Credit Repair is a short term investment in your financial life that will reward you with unlimited wealth!  It can’t be counted!  For instance – we calculate that bad credit is costing an average of $3.50 an hour… every hour, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 a year, every year you have bad credit, say… below 620 score.

But, what about the cost of Lost Opportunity?  Can you put a price on that… can’t get the loan to buy the house, the car, the investment property, the business?  Incredible wealth lost because you couldn’t even get it off the ground… you couldn’t borrow what you needed to get it started…   That could be worth millions…

Debt Settlement – imagine settling dead debt (collections, foreclosures, repos, etc) at 50 to 80% off and having the negative removed.  Would that be a big help?  Yes, a thousand times yes, because it’s off your record, paid, done, over as if it never happened… WooHoo!  Your scores would explode up!  (Only for those who have debt to begin with)

Student Loan Consolidation – combine all student loans into one and lower the payment to something you can afford… but, there are those who could qualify to forgive the debt or balance so it gets paid off or eliminated faster… COOL!  (must have completed school to apply)

The Family Banking Plan – Wow, where do I start? What if you could take your “dead debt” and use that to make money?  Yup, you heard, uh, read me… use the debt to make money and pay it off even faster and still have the money working for you…!  What if you could save, protect and grow assets without risk and use it and still have money for retirement and enjoy a better lifestyle than you do now?  Imagine protecting your assets from depression, recession, war and even litigation and collectors… Imagine having your money working for you in multiple ways… at the same time… without risk!!!  I Love It!!!

Want peace of mind?  Then it is time to learn about the Family Banking Plan as a Foundation for your financial strategies and multiply your assets over and over and over again.

Write me, text me, email me, phone me and let’s get this information to you asap before it’s too late and you’ve lost your money in the stock market. Oh, I know it looks really good now… high interest rates and the stocks are moving up, up, up!  Until they don’t!  High Risk!  Avoid it and outperform the stock market without risk…

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