An Open Letter to friends of Lawrence Law…

I, Dr. Rick Nielson, am writing this letter to inform you that Lawrence Law has been selected as an expedition team member for an excursion to East Africa with our foundation, World of Difference (  Lawrence  will engage in service projects (assisting in constructing a school in Kenya) and helping with medical assistance to a team of Doctors and Interns.

As the co-founder of World of Difference (and prior to that the co-founder of another Charity Care foundation known as Reach the Children (, I have been actively involved with medical and humanitarian work in Africa for most of the past 26 years.  Having taken teams over to Kenya from the United States for many years (estimated over 400 team members in total), I can attest to the wonderful experience that is about to happen to Lawrence.  Lawrence will accompany about 15 other Doctoral students on this expedition as well as a few others from the United States who will be participating in this expedition, including my wife, Jodi Nielsen and myself.

Over the past several years, many of our expedition team members have used a sponsorship initiative to fund their experiences on these expeditions.  This method of funding has proven to be very successful and allows those people in their circle of influence to assist  in having one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime.  Since World of Difference is a 501 C 3 not for profit IRS approved foundation, we are not able to make a profit from any of those who participate on our expeditions.  Your donation would be made in the name of Lawrence Law directly to World of Difference where the donation would be deposited into an account already opened up for Lawrence Law.  Your donation would be tax deductible since we are a not-for-profit entity.  Your donation along with donations made by other contacts that have been forwarded to me would hopefully fund the costs associated with this venture.  As such, on behalf of Lawrence I am asking your consideration in making a donation of $125.00 to World of Difference in  Lawrence’s name.  You will be issued a receipt from World of Difference that you will be able to use as a tax deductible expense for 2014 taxes.  Additionally, following the return of Lawrence from this expedition,  he will undoubtedly take some time to share personal experiences with you (movies, photos and stories) that could not have been made possible without your generous donation.  We would be happy to receive any amount that you feel you could make in the name of Lawrence.

I can ensure you that Lawrence will be safe.  We do not frequent areas or places that might be unsafe and are very careful to take precautions against sickness or diseases.  In all these years we have never had an incident where a team member was seriously injured or acquired a disease of any sort.  Kenya is a very safe place and the American people are loved by the Kenyan people.  Lawrence will receive a fabulous experience working in a physiotherapy clinic under the guidance of a local Kenyan physiotherapist.  He will receive experiences that few would ever have the opportunity to receive and will experience first- hand exposure to and treatment of indigents from Kenya.  It will be one of the greatest experiences they may have in their lives.

Our expedition is scheduled for 18 days in August 2014.  If you are able to assist Lawrence by making a donation in his name, it would be very much appreciated. The money could be sent via mail (check) to:  World of Difference, % Penny Boothe, Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, 561 East 1860 South, Provo, Utah 84606.  I can be reached at 801-734-6818 (office) or by cell phone at 801-687-6559.  My email address is  Please feel free to contact me (email is best) should you have any questions about this request or the expedition that Lawrence has been chosen to be a part of.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to consider this tax deductible donation in the name of Lawrence Law.  Please click on the links below to see ABC clips from last year’s trip.


Dr. Richard P. Nielsen

Co-Team Leader and Co-Founder

World of Difference 2013 Expedition


President Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

498 East 10,000 South—Salem, UT 84653    801.423.1147 P    866.927.0442