For a long time now, I have avoided investments.  Yup, it’s a matter of discovering what works and what doesn’t and where the risk is.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I have invested before, in fact I’ve invested in almost every type of investment possible… and with varying results but let me ask you a hard question.  When you invested… what were the results? I’m sure some of you will say that you have been very successful and are happy with the results while most will say that it is varied and mostly not successful. Why?

Investments are an interesting strategy when it comes to financial planning. I want to discuss the differences between saving and investing and see which is the better avenue to take.

Like everything, there are good and bad investments and savings strategies that work and don’t work. Let’s chat about a few of them and discover why they work or don’t work. Some will point out that they are two different things so they really can’t be compared and I like that answer because it goes in the face of Traditional Financial Planning when they say to save for retirement with investments. So how does that work. Sounds like a contradiction and yet we line up to pay into our retirement savings with high risk investments.

decreasing growth arrowNow, I state that all investments are high risk, some are just higher risk than others. While even some savings programs are high risk as well… I contend that putting hard earned money into a bank is also high risk because of how many banks have failed over the past year alone… over 440 and that the FDIC is actually a bankrupt entity that has the option of paying your funds back over 99 years… and that is if you qualify to have them returned to you. Has that happened yet… not yet, but they have the option… sounds high risk to me.

The reason for this article is to show that even though you think you know what you are doing, there is plenty of misinformation even by upstanding and trusted banks, financial institutions and planners that will mislead, misguide and misadvise you on something as important as retirement planning, protection and growth.

I contend and prove that savings can actually outperform investments especially inbusiness graph and upward growth the stock market due to protections, guarantees and growth rates that are solid and not based in risk. They call it the Family Banking System and it uses standard financial tools that are structured in such a way as to diminish any risk, increase growth, protection and guarantees so you don’t have to worry about the ups and downs in the stock market. Wow! What a concept. High growth, excellent protection, guaranteed rates of return and Liquidity, Use, Control, Certainty and Enjoyment of the funds to increase lifestyle and retirement… all without RISK.

Why would anyone put hard earned dollars at risk at risky growth rates without guarantees when you can have all that and still outperform the stock market? Oh, I didn’t mention that it is all tax deferred growth and tax free at dispersing the funds. Hmmm… sounds like you better look into this. I suggest visiting the website of Alliance Group Financial at and set an appointment to visit with one of their agents to discuss how the Family Banking System can work for you in your situation and for your family.

I think it’s perfect for most everyone because of the diversity, options, strategies and plans available for just about every situation.

It’s time to really think outside the box and if you already have a plan in place that you think is working… what is your Plan B when it doesn’t work anymore?  What you don’t know can hurt you and high risk retirement savings investments are just that HIGH RISK.  Get educated by watching the videos and learning from the super agents who show people a much better way to eliminate risk and increase growth.  Check it out here or call me and I will have an agent contact you who will not respect your situation but very carefully review and advise on how best to create a financial portfolio that has no risk, but great growth based on Sound Financial Principles that the financial industry really doesn’t want you to know about.  Knowledge keeps them from taking your money.   Call, write, text, respond and they will help out without obligation or pressure.  After all, this is more about education than selling you something.

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