A layman’s unique guide to keeping more of what you earn…

In a world that over complicates everything (baseball used to be a bat, a ball, a glove and some kids) I remember my father saying to me one day… “Anyone can make something complex and complicated… it takes a genius to make something simple.” Marion A Law

So, I have a plan to help people get out of debt, stay out of debt, save more money, protect it from disappearing, grow it without risk, have more for use during their life and have a better lifestyle at retirement…  How do you make that simple?

It works this way… educate people that the typical Financial Planners of yesterday and today are complicating things so much so you don’t see them taking money from your pocket and putting it into theirs, over and over again.  It’s called sleight of hand… and it happens all the time.

Next… show people that the very foundation of their financial lives needs to not be in the Corporate Bank’s system but your own banking system.  If you can do what the banks do by taking and using your money and earning the high rates of return with the velocity of money… oops, there I go again making it complicated…  banks take your money, earn money from your money by lending out your money and do it over and over again multiple times each month, you will earn the kind of money a bank earns from your own money.

If I could show you how to do it yourself and not use banks for loans to buy vacations, cars, education, weddings, even a home, the interest could be saved and kept in your bank and if you paid yourself back with interest, just like a bank, the money is there to use again and again, over and over all your life… you would need a personal vault to put all your money into.

The way we teach you to set up your own banking system, the money is already safe in its own vault and ready for you to use at a moment’s notice.

Simplicity – you save money you would normally spend by adding it to your own banking system. You have access to it fast, whenever you want, for whatever you want and pay it back to yourself how you want and as much as you want, while it continues to grow and grow and grow… for you… tax free… risk free.

Because it is a bit complex to put together and unteach you the way Financial Planners have taught you to lose money at high risk without you knowing or understanding their complex systems… we will help you understand to the depth that you want to understand but show you the reality of what does work for you and your money for the rest of your life.

Imagine money working for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year, every year, growing without you doing a thing to make it grow.   For those who want to see faster, greater growth… use it and pay yourself back with interest, just as you would pay a bank back with interest and watch the magic start to compound (growth upon growth) your money.

What does this mean?  It means that you could out save, out grow and outperform your neighbor who does not know about the Infinite Banking Concept and you do…

Learn more at www.FamilyBankingWorks.comor call for a consultation 801-769-9443  The time you take to learn about this dynamic concept will put power to your finances that you never knew you had…