Corporate America loves the Infinite Banking Concept!

In fact they have acronyms specifically designed for them.  BOLI or Bank Owned Life Insurance and COLI or Corporate Owned Life Insurance are the same thing as the Infinite Banking Concept or in our words, the Family Banking Plan.  Which begs some questions to be answered…

Why does Corporate America use these products for themselves if they are such lousy investments?  What we should really be asking is If Corporate America is using so much of this product for themselves, shouldn’t we be following their lead and using it for ourselves?

So, what is BOLI or COLI and how does it work?

Bank Owned Life Insurance is used by Banks to protect their assets in the form of human beings that are key players or key management in case they should die while doing their duties as CEO, CFO, COO, etc.  In fact, they put Life Insurance on almost anyone they can because the odds are good that they will die and then they have the assets to find another key employee.  But, they bank on the odds in their favor and put as much assets into the Life Insurance as they can get away with… Why?  So when the person does die, they have more money to add to their assets and the Bank grows…  Does that make sense?  Can you apply this principle to your own situation..?

You do have to think deeper than just tomorrow or next week.  Your thinking should really be into the next generation.  But there is a huge perk with the Family Banking Plan and that is that while you are waiting for someone to die, (usually you) you have use of the funds for buying cars, houses, going on vacations, paying off bills and… well, anything you want.  You are the bank!  You decide if you want to loan yourself the money and set up a payment schedule you can afford and with an interest rate that you are willing to pay… to yourself!

Do you get it yet…?  You are paying yourself back for borrowing money from yourself that you decided if you qualify or not and if you will repay it, when, how and at what rate… if you want!

How good do you want it?  Oh, yeah, there is a guaranteed rate of return and the interest rate is even higher than that and you also get a dividend at the end of the year (not guaranteed) on all the money that is working in your policy.  You get the best of all worlds with this one…

And that is why I heartily and heavily recommend this program to anyone who wants to safely, securely, save, grow and protect their assets, without Risk and without additional taxes… ever!

Check it out at and see if you can find anything better… I bet you can’t… give it a try… I dare you!

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Lawrence Law is a 25 year credit expert on repairing credit.  He has been involved in finance and helping individuals and families get out of debt, out of the credit trap and into Sound Financial Resources for over 2 decades. He lives with his sweet and beautiful wife in a beautiful home in the country surrounded by dogs, chickens, wildlife and lots and lots of grandkids… He is a Happy Camper!