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Financial Mistakes of 2014

Financial Challenges abound all around us and throughout our lives. But what if we could learn the tricks and strategies of the wealthy so we can avoid stepping in the mistakes that cost us huge losses of money, time and opportunities?   Would you be interested in learning about them?

I have stumbled upon the secrets of the wealthy and I am using them to transform my own personal life but also tens of thousands of other lives into wealthy, productive, confident, empowered and successful people.  There is a caveat though.  You have to read, you have to understand, you have to learn, it has to make sense and you have to believe.  Without belief there is no action, without action there is no creation.

Let’s begin…

Let’s first look at the challenges in finance. They are many and varied but let’s boil them down to some basics that will cover the majority of problems to overcome.

Self Discipline – To do what is required and necessary to make something start and follow through to completion.

Not Being Aware or Possibilities – Being financially savvy requires learning about new ideas, concepts and principles.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Without looking at the results of their proposal, in other words Due Diligence and seeing what is actually happening, where is your trust actually going.

Putting Assets at Risk – most believe that greater returns require higher risk and that to attain a greater abundance requires greater risk. No true!

Now let’s discuss each in turn to find out the truth and the answers that will propel you into a financial successful and savvy individual.

Self Discipline – There are basic aspects of self discipline that require us to do. To do means to take action. I know it’s not your favorite thing to do but do it anyway and discipline yourself to doing something each and every way. Read a book, listen to a financial lecture, visit with a wealthy friend, acquaintance or visitor. Listen to all the disciplines and concepts that are out there… yup, it will take some time, but you need to understand all the crap out there to see the awesome and the beautiful. Yes, finance can be beautiful and when you know you have found the best and easiest, safest way to save, protect and grow your assets then you will have confidence in what you are doing and put more effort into doing it well… I have the awesome knowledge that I have discovered what the wealthy, banks and large corporations do to save, protect and grow their assets… all at no risk.

Self Discipline also means understanding the principle of Paying Yourself First. It’s like the concept of when flying in an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down in an emergency. You put your own mask on first before you help others, cause you can’t help anyone else if you are hurt and can’t help. So, Pay Yourself First so you can grow your assets and help others later.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Years ago a Traveling Salesman would come into town to show his wares and make some pretty fantastic claims about what his potions would do. Today we have laws that help to protect the consumer from that, but there is still fraud, lies and deceit. So what do you do to find out if claims are as they should be.  Investigate, read up on the internet, ask someone who actually is doing it. Check out the claims and see if they make sense.  Remember that greed can sway your decision so make sure you are motivated by logic and sound financial principles rather than letting your emotions take control.

Putting Assets at Risk – This comes from ignorance about a subject or opportunity and being greedy in thinking something is better than it actually is.  I read a book recently (The 4 Agreements) that taught me that one of the agreements is to never assume. I was terrible at this and assumed a huge part of my life for several reasons.  I was not in a relationship that allowed for good conversation and I grew up assuming things when I should have asked more questions. Perhaps because it I was embarrassed or punished to keep asking questions. What ever the reason, get over it… ask questions, ask the hard questions and get the answers that may make your rethink your decision to follow something or believe in something. Every charlatan wants you to believe his lies so he can take  your money and put it into his pockets. If it doesn’t make sense, DON’T DO IT!

A Story of Greed

I was investigating an investment opportunity in Real Estate at the end of 2007 and wanted desperately to grow some very hard earned assets I had and heard that Real Estate was the way to go since it was growing at double digit interest rates.  My greed grew and grew as I heard more and more of what they were saying. I invested $100,000 and within months lost it all because I did not listen to my gut and was greedy in my desires. I put it all at risk even when I really did see the warning signs all around me. The guru’s were shouting the warnings, the industry was over priced and higher than ever and I just didn’t listen to the warning signs. Yup, I lost it all within months…

What is risky?  The stock market is a gambling machine, period. Why risk it?  The economy is hyper inflated and inflation is far higher than the government is willing to admit. Taxes can’t help but go up since we have to pay off the unrestricted spending the last decade or two by the government. Whole industries are in trouble because of government regulations. So what works? Where do you turn? What do you do and who do you trust?

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Have an amazing and delightful day.

To your success…