I know that you may not live close enough for you to take me up on this offer, but I am trying seriously to introduce the Infinite Banking Concept to people who are desperately looking for a place to put money and protect it from stock market crashes, government takeover, inflation and greedy management fees and charges.

I host these dinners so that a couple or a whole family can come and see that there is a tool that can be used to protect from all these concerns and more. We welcome you at the door, help you find a seat, take your order, and start sharing with you the basic fundamentals of Typical Financial Planning that does not work… and show you why, detail by detail.

The funny part is that you know it doesn’t work, not the way you were told it would and that is because it is based upon “if’s and hopes” not actual real and current information. “If there were some things you understood about money that were wrong, when would you want to know about them?”

This is what we teach… the truth, the cold, hard facts that will upset you and wish you had learned this 10 years ago, 30 years ago… But, the damage can be reversed with guaranteed rates, protection from taxes, liquidity, use and control are all yours to benefit from.

After we have made you drop your jaw and see the truth about financial planning, then you can decide to get more information or… do nothing. The choice is yours, there is no pressure, we will not force you or embarrass  you in any way. We only want to help those who want to be helped into preparing for retirement but benefiting from their finances right now.

At exactly 8 pm, we close the meeting, answer any questions, thank you for coming, ask that you evaluate us and you are free to go home… discussing the incredible information you just received and deciding what you are going to do with it…

If you need more information, check out This Video and give us a call.  Let us know when you will be coming and who you are inviting at your guests and we will be delighted to save seats for you to join us.

We feel so passionate about helping people save and protect their money, have liquidity, use and control, save a ton on taxes, interest and insurance that we are delighted to offer you dinner on us… until you get it…

801-769-9443 ask for Lawrence