Cell Phone service is difficult to figure out but we think we have found the key to simplify this difficult subject.

There are basically 5 different things to consider when you look for the best cell phone service.

Pricing –

This includes the basics such as Talk, Text & Data for the best price.

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Talk – this should be unlimited… why, cause that is what the best cell phone service plans are giving these days and we all know what happens when we go over our minutes… we either have no more minutes and can’t talk or we pay through the nose for overages that they don’t stop us but expect us to go over.

Text – this should be unlimited too. Hey, it’s what we do these days… we text, we text with our family, we text with our work, we even text our parents and grandparents… so, you need unlimited text as well…

Data – data is key and this should also be unlimited. With the Smart Phone revolution we are accessing the internet more and more on our phones. The average person uses about 1 Gigabit of data on their phone every month… but the need is growing.  Typical cell phone service plans have data as an add on and it can be costly.  The latest service fad is to add unlimited data to the service plan at a single price for all features. This is helping to cut the costs of cell phone service for an individual or family.  However, you need to know the rest of the story.

Data plans differ greatly and can still cost a fortune if you don’t understand how they work. 

Unlimited Data can mean several things – 

Unlimited Data means unlimited Data but at what speed. The typical is to give a certain amount of High Speed Data such as 1 Gigabit of High Speed Data but then it throttles back or slows down to a slower speed.  So, even though you have unlimited data, it could be at a much slower speed after you use up the High Speed Data.  This is where you need to figure out how much High Speed Data you want on your service plan.

Here is a rule of Thumb to figure how much High Speed Data you need on your plan. A person who uses their Smart Phone to check email and access the internet only occasionally during a month can get by on just 1 Gigabit of High Speed Data.  However, if you access email several times a day, use your GPS and download some videos on Youtube, etc., you might need 2 or more Gigabits of High Speed Data.  For those who download movies on top of everything else or plan games, you will probably need unlimited High Speed Data… and this is where the costs can really go through the roof.

What should the cost of Unlimited High Speed Data be?  Well, if it is over $59.99 a month, then you are paying way too much.

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