I think it’s common sense to realize all is not roses in the economic world of these United States.  It doesn’t look right, it doesn’t smell right, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t act right.

So why are we rushing out to fill up our credit cards, buy expensive toys we can’t pay for and putting more and more money into stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, real estate and even gold and silver when we know there is risk and know that we could lose our shirts if the stock market drops… and it does, over and over again…?

Let’s be real here… why invest or put money into anything that has high risk?  High risk you ask?  Yup, every one of those things is high risk and more that I will share… some you will think I am crazy but the numbers and the evidence prove it.

High Risk Savings and Investments List

business building  Savings in the Bank

Well, for starters, the rate of return is awful.  I just saw a billboard for a bank boasting of 1% rate of return for 13 months on a CD.  Wow… are we ever excited!  It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny and yet,  I can show company with a solid 5 1/4% rate of return with a guaranteed 4% that has paid out interest and dividends for over 120 years without fail through war, recessions and depressions… all without risk!

Oh, and by the way, the FDIC is bankrupt! No protection, or if there is any, it’s at a cost and price that will be very painful to endure.

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2   Gold & Silver

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.  Franklin Roosevelt made owning gold illegal and everyone had to turn it in or be fined or imprisoned.  There are already whisperings of doing it again to offset the debt of the USA.  But let’s look at the track record of gold and silver.  Ups and downs, buy high and sell low, that’s the mantra isn’t it?  Woops, I meant the other way around… but most folks buy in when it’s too late to get in and the price has already risen.  It’s just like the stock market.  The only thing better is that you have physical gold in hand… you do have the gold physically with you, right?  Not a mutual fund holding gold, or futures or in someone else’s vault somewhere across the country?  Do you really think that is prudent?  Wow, the foolishness we think is wise…

decreasing growth arrow  The Stock Market

How long does it take to recoup a drop in the market? There are those who say that if it drops 10 points, then all you have to do is see it rise 10 points and you have recovered.  Perhaps you had better rethink your math. Give it a try… oh, and when you have finally, actually recouped what you have lost, there is the lost potential you could have gained in a savings plan that never has a loss… never… Hmmm… Perhaps we need to talk…

Beat-the-market  Mutual Funds/Retirement Accounts

All of these products are based on the stock market, whether actually in the stock market, holding stocks, bonds, etc. or based on the stocks of the stock market.  When the stock goes up, everyone is happy, when the stock goes down, there are huge losses.  In 2008 there were millions of people excited to retire with their Mutual Fund accounts, Retirement accounts, etc.  and then the stock market collapse.  Millions are still not able to retire because they did not recoup yet what they had lost and then the loss of potential over the past 7 years.  They still can’t retire!  They are working at Wallmart, or some other place to make ends meet.  Why, well, Social Security isn’t paying enough, inflation is eating up the value of each dollar and the money invested in retirement accounts is returning as fast as everyone promised.

Oh, and what about the fees, administration costs and taxes on each dollar invested?  That eats up a lot of hard earned money that could be used for retirement.

We give up Use and Control of our money to put into the hands of managers who do a poor job of gambling and then take huge fees, admin costs before we have to pay taxes on our dollars at inflated and higher rates when we go to use it. It’s a lose, lose, lose, lose program that is failing miserably!  And yet, there is a better way.

We call it the Family Banking Plan, based on the Infinite Banking Concept.  You have heard reports on it, advertising on it, and heard many financial planners, financial guru’s, banks and many others poo poo it as the worst investment program out there…

Wow, really?  Then why are those who are do it… in the millions now, becoming wealthy when others are losing money?  Look at the facts people. Perhaps we need to talk and have a discussion on why it works and then see if it fits your financial picture.

Here are some additional facts for you.

One of the largest banks in the USA has their liquid assets in this product. Why? Because it’s the safest, most liquid, best growth product around. They don’t even keep their liquid assets in their own bank!

There is a sensible solution!

Corporations and the wealthy do the same thing… and you can too. You don’t have to be wealthy to use these financial tools and they work just the same for the little guy as well as the wealthy guy. It’s time you got the truth about banks, money and how money actually works.

Check out our website… www.familybankingworks.com and see what the banks don’t want  you to see, to learn, to apply so you can become the bank and earn the high rates of return that make them the tallest buildings in any city of the world.

It’s up to you, you can sit back and believe you have the best financial tools or take the challenge to see if there is a better way. I dare you!!!  I double dog dare you…!  And I will be right.

Have a wonderful financial future… May you always be abundant…