One of the biggest topics today in business is Business Credit & Funding. Business Credit is an interesting topic because it is so elusive and misunderstood.

I will be giving a quick summary on how to obtain Business Credit & Funding at a new Business Networking event called Networking Nights this Thursday evening at Stevens Henager College  Room 209 – Provo/Orem Campus starting at 6pm.  It will be well worth your time to attend, not only for the Business Credit & Funding information but also to network with like minded business people that need your expertise and referrals.  It’s all about Networking.

With banks not funding to small business, start-ups or even established business credit is hard to come by and even harder to establish.  Do you know the 20 Key Criteria to become appealing to banks to fund to?  If not and yes, no one will tell you what they are, then you need to join us for some very exciting discussion on how to make the list.

It’s informative, a fun time and you get to meet some crazy, exciting people and businesses… See you there…