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Curb Your Appetite with GrubHub


If the sound emanating from your stomach rivals the sound of a rumbling Indy car, and you’re stuck at the office or your kid’s soccer tournament, you may need GrubHub. Stifle the growling with an app that’ll bring sustenance right to your door. Whether you’re in Ann Arbor or Vegas, you can search over 20,000 restaurants in 500 cities. GrubHub lets you peruse menus and reviews, and place your order for delivery or pick-up. With a quick search by cuisine, restaurant name, or favorite fare, you can get mouth-watering goodness delivered to squelch the guttural commotion going on in your belly. If you love a place, save their address and your payment info for quick ordering next time. GrubHub even helps you save a little dough with coupons and discounts, and tracks your delivery driver in real-time on a map. How cool is that?


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