Make Additional Income


Through extensive research, we have discovered that the average family/individual could be significantly impacted financial with an additional $500 a month. Our research has shown that this changes the lifestyle, retirement and happiness to a significant degree.

Our goal is to provide options, opportunities and programs that work for anyone willing to put in a bare minimum amount of time and money to make a small opportunity work. There are no limits to the potential of these programs and the efforts you put in will determine the returns you will realize, but the option is to continue doing what you are doing and getting what you are getting… Not Enough!

Here is a list of the Opportunities that we have researched and tested. They work!

1 – Touchstone Essentials

True Certified Organic Nutrition is all the rage these days as Millenials, NextGen and especially the Baby Boomers are becoming aware that what they eat determines what their health is like.  Aches and Pains go away when we stop eating junk food, fast food and food that we are allergic to without knowing it.

The fastest growing segment of online searches show that Organic, Online Business and Wellness are what people are looking for.  Want to earn an online income from what people are demanding to find?  Then join our agressively growing Team and become one with us.  

Marketing is key and using tools that are unique and different capture peoples attention.  You Gotta See if this qualifies…

2 – 2Konnect Downline Builder Tool

Building a client base is always a tough thing to do.  In fact, it is the difference between being successful and being a flop!  Having a tool to build your downline and then take that downline into Multiple Streams of Income is a concept that has eluded everyone… until now.  Now there is 2Konnect.  It takes 2 to Connect and that connection builds your downline.

2Konnect also helps you build your downline with Sponsored Visitors which becomes yours when they become a member.  They will follow you into each business opportunity because they want Multiple Streams of income too!  

It’s simple, it’s growth like you have never seen before and it’s building a team, one time, one last time, and never having to do it again.  They stay with you because they are all successful with you. 

It’s finally here and it works.  Check it out at

3 – Four Corners Alliance Group
This is a great little program that has a big payout if you will put in the time and effort to share it with people. It’s a one time cost of $18 and the system growth will pay for the rest. It’s up to you to tell others who see the potential in sharing it with others.
The secret is to just keep on sharing… one person a day and you could have a great income within a short period of time. The products are financial reports that will help to educate you on some financial strategies that we don’t necessarily endorse. However, it will give you some great ideas for questions to ask us about strategy and focus.
Give it a try…

4 – Alliance Group Financial – Agent
We are looking for people who want to make a career move or change and would like to make significant income through commissions by sharing the Family Banking Plan to others.
This is an opportunity for those who are passionate about the Infinite Banking Concept and believe it will change finances, change lives and change security.
Go here to check out the career possibilities.

An Open Letter To Wealth Creation

Are you sick and tired of investments that don’t work, retirement accounts that fail to produce, stocks and bonds that move down without you knowing, losing your hard earned money over and over again.
Learn what I did to correct this and how you can to without losing and without risk. Download this article and see if it doesn’t resonate with you.