I Have a New Website – Love at First Site!

Hey Bloggers, Have you seen my new website?  www.VantageCA.com

Isn’t it awesome?!  I have two of the most incredible guys that do this work for me and I am endorsing them wholeheartedly and with a big bang… and I have to ask you one question…

How much is your time worth?  I ask that because often times, small business owners don’t have the money to get a great website and instead, they mickey mouse it or band-aid something together that looks like… well, fill in the blank… _____!   It’s ok, but not what really works to bring in the visitors, and make a big splash.  I’ve done that and it makes you feel good… like you are doing something… but deep down, in the recesses of your mind… you know it isn’t…

However, there is a solution… for a good dinner cost a month, you get what the big boys are getting and have some awesome SEO thrown in that does get people to your website and does get people looking… why… because it looks freakin awesome!

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Here was my design before and after:  What you don’t see is the cool rotating main banner at the top that grabs your attention and won’t let you go..!

Before   VantageCa-New After

Typically my website would have cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But I have connected with a fantastic team who at an affordable monthly rate, created a 2015 web design custom built just for me. Now I have the best web design of anyone I know and best of all it works on any mobile device. That’s incredibly important today since so many people get on the web on their phones… if it isn’t designed for mobile, well… it’s a pain… and you lose people very quickly.

After my complete makeover and amazing results,  I thought of my bloggers and wanted to see if you were interested in something for yourself, something that you can be proud of?

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Just a friendly boost in your business arm…
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To your success… Be Bold!

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation

Debt is a problem… for many, it’s a problem on a daily basis and causes real pain for real families.

Most people think that the only way to take care of debt is to pay it off and hope it goes away. The problem with this thinking is that if you pay off a credit card with minimum payments you will pay for 30 plus years and still have a debt.  With the high cost of interest, your minimum payment just doesn’t pay enough to get it paid off…

The financial industry has created a solution in a service called Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling where the debt is all rolled into one or all the debt is ignored except one and that one is paid off and then then next and then the next.  The problem with this system is that it is worse than a Bankruptcy. The company who lures you in with promises of helping you pay off your debt will require large fees to help you do something that you can do better by yourself and not cost you huge points on your credit report.

However, there is a better way… Debt Settlement is a system where the debt is negotiated down by a service agent, by as much as 50 to 80% off the original debt and then when paid off, will negotiate the removal of the negative from the credit report… as if it never happened!  This service never shows up on your credit report and will reduce the cost of the debt as well… 3 benefits all rolled into one..

Pay off debt at 50 to 80% off

Have it increase credit scores while you pay it off and…

Jump up your credit scores and be as if it never happened when it’s paid off completely!

Who does this?

National Credit Federation is a dynamic credit and debt company that uses strategies that actually work for you… Check them out at www.NCFCreditRecovery.com and see what they can do for you…

Need to talk with someone?  Call me (Lawrence Law) at 801-404-2833 and get individualized attention. It works and it works Fast!


Reply to a Father’s “Investment Letter”

My Reply to a Misguided Father

I just reviewed a wonderful letter from a good father to his “just married” daughter concerning advise on finances and how to start a financial life.  I loved it… well, some of it… however, there were some points that made me cringe because of how it will affect their finances by reducing and risking their finances during their life. There are beliefs, taught by the financial world that have perpetrated lies upon the consumer to line their pockets with your money. Let me give examples.

father teaching daughter He outlined things concerning purchasing major purchases like a car, house, insurance, education and investments. Here is what I agreed with…

He said to watch for sales and you don’t have to get the Name Brand items when other products are built as well without a label. You can also get them on sale or when they are second hand and still in great or like new condition. For instance, buying a car off the showroom lot is spending a considerable amount more than buying a great used car with low mileage, broken in, well maintained and still has warranty when just a year old. This is a huge cost savings idea.

He said to be sure and buy insurance, adequate insurance for home, auto, life, renters because it is a great insurance policy against catastrophic and you can only get it before you need it… And you will need it… sometime…

Couple dining He said to take care of your health… stay away from Fast Food, take your vitamins, eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, with your partner as this will also bring you closer together…  Nothing is more crucial for happiness than your health…

Practice being frugal… Make it a practice of looking for deals, sales and protecting your hard earned money from shysters who will try to steal or over inflate prices to take your money away… just be frugal… you don’t have to not spend but over spending or wasting money is a good way to lose your money. Save, protect and grow your assets into a nest-egg that will be used for your lifestyle and your retirement…

Get a good education and learn 3 different things that you can fall back on in case you can’t get a job in your profession.  Learn a skill, trade or service that others will pay for so you can stay off welfare and feel satisfaction  you are taking care of yourself and family.

Learn how to protect yourself and family in case of catastrophe  and learn to prepare for challenges ahead with food storage, emergency supplies, self protection and preventative preparation such as fences, lighting, cameras, etc. so you don’t become a target.

Protect your relationships… if you are looking, keep your eyes wide open… if you are married, committed, keep your eyes half shut… in other words, ask the hard questions and see if you can be compatible in every situation, watch for signs of callousness, selfishness, envy, greed, impatience, unkindness… you know the traits… stay away from them… but when you are committed or married… then accepting the little things that could be a cause of irritation actually become the things we miss the most when they are gone.  Forgive easily, then forget it and move on… we all make mistakes… Financially, it’s important to work together, don’t hide anything and make decisions on everything… then you will both accept the outcomes of the decisions you make and learn together…

He goes on to describe in 5 parts about how to invest… this is where I disagree because he talks about being cautious about the risk but learn how to minimize the risk…. Well, that is all well and good, but why have risk at all. He says to pay off your home early, as quick as you can… but I say that puts you at higher risk for 2 reasons. He says to learn how to invest in stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, mutual funds and gold and silver… I say, you are gambling in the stock market casino and should avoid at all cost.

I agree with him generally that the economy is in for a big decline, that we, as a nation have overspent and dumping that debt onto future generations and causing undo pressure and pain on people trying to retire right now, who were lied to about their retirement investments… I agree with his observation that the nation, state, city and Burroughs are looking for ways to increase taxes and add more fees or costs to services so they can gain more money to spend on… “social services”. This comes from you…

Lets look at what he says…

Empty PocketsInvestment part 1 – Getting and Staying out of debt.  While it sounds good on the surface, let’s examine what that really means and see if it makes sense.  For most people means they are overspending and in debt to credit cards, toys, junk and stuff!  Bad news… and they should work on getting out of debt and staying out of that kind of debt.  However, there is another kind of debt that will make and preserve your assets into a fortune when you do it correctly. This is debt for house, education and earning more interest than you are spending or acting like a bank and doing what banks do.

When you buy a home, you expect to pay for principle and interest and of coarse the other costs of insurance and taxes.  But let’s look at the principle and interest costs that are accumulating.  First, the interest costs can actually make the cost of the home double and triple in cost. You pay for them but they don’t increase the value of the home.

There is also the higher risk a home owner makes when they accumulate cash value or equity in a home in two ways. First, if there is ever a loss of income by the home owner and they cannot make the payments to the lender for 90 days, the lender will foreclose on the home faster if there is more equity in the home. I have a friends who dealt with different situations. One had high equity and lost their home 90 days to the day after they could not pay the loan. The second could not pay the loan and was in the home for over 3 1/2 years and never lost the home but renegotiated at the lower loan amount and lower payments by a half because there was no equity in the home. The equity was working somewhere else.

The lesson to learn here is that the equity in a home in volatile with the economy, and it does not earn interest… it is dead money… stagnant… not doing any good.  Oh, I know and hear the same excuses that having a home paid off is good… safe… secure… but what about having someone come along, trip and fall, become permanently disabled and sue you and your home for the deep pockets they see in the equity that is there… you still lose the home because all the equity is gone and you have nothing…  No safety there… no security… Taking the money that would normally go to paying off the principle and instead putting it to work in a risk free environment where you have safety, protection, use, control, certainty and enjoyment is far better than having it at risk whether known or unknown. Then, if needed, take the money at some future point and pay off the house with one check…

Investment part 2 – His thought… avoid overspending… I agree and we chatted about that above.

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2 Investment part 3 – He says to invest in Gold and Silver. The economy is in the tank and when it goes below $900 an ounce, then buy as much as you can… well… that’s great for people with a lot of money to “invest” but for those who don’t then putting all your eggs in one basket and tripping and watching all those eggs get broken is foolish… OK, I like his idea of putting some money into gold and silver to hedge against inflation but it’s the same as putting your money into a home where it isn’t earning any interest and goes up and down with the economy. Not a good gamble with your money. Again, put a little away for a hedge but put the rest to work in a risk free, guaranteed rate of return and dividends with total liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment.

Investment part 4 – I agree with him not trusting in the banks… However, we do need to use the banking system as everything moves through the banks. Just be cautious and avoid having your money where the interest rates are less than 1% and could be so much higher… without risk. Having some cash on hand for emergencies is also a good idea. Not too much, not too little depending upon your needs.

Investment part 5 – He goes into stock investing at this point and I totally disagree with his proposal. He does make the attempt to reduce risk… but it’s the stock market gambling machine for Pete sake.  He said himself that the markets change hourly… they are very volatile…  Why choose risk when you don’t have to and still make returns that beat the stock market by factors of 10 or more…?  All without risk…

The answer to all the negatives that I have mentioned is a product that is poo pooed in the financial industry because of the lack of knowledge and the persistence in passing on bad and inaccurate information by those who stand to lose money in high commissions or fees. What I am referring to is called Mutual Cash Value Structured Whole Life policies used in an Infinite Banking Concept.

dollar[1]The Infinite Banking Concept or what we like to call the Family Banking Plan is just that… a concept but we utilize the most efficient tool available to us to maximize the efficiency so there are savings, protection and growth with liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment of your assets while you living your life and preparing for retirement as well as using it for retirement without risk, without taxation and without loss of control… All the good without the negatives… It’s awesome and you should check it out here…

The concept is based upon what the banks do to gain enormous returns on their money based on 3 major things. Rates of Return, Volume of Money and Velocity of Money or how often can you turn the volume of money at the best rate of return… without any risk on your part.  It is a very sound concept that has been used by the banks and big corporations for over 120 years for their liquid assets and they love it because of all the benefits and safety. I’m suggesting that you should too and save, protect and grow your assets without risk

Click Here to watch a short video series that explains concepts the banks do not want you to understand… cause it makes them look bad and stops you from giving them money month after month after month. They hate it!

Click Here to request more information on the Family Banking Concept and the tools that we use to save you money, protect your money and make more money. 

Call us to reserve personal time with a team member who has expertise and personal experience in all the financial tools available today that will save, protect and grow your money safely, without risk and can still outperform the stock market. 801-404-2833

Financial Mistakes of 2014

Vantage Credit Alliance is not just Credit Repair Anymore

In fact, we have changed our name and focus too… Vantage Capital Alliance is what we are and what we do…

Financial Mistakes of 2014

Financial Challenges abound all around us and throughout our lives. But what if we could learn the tricks and strategies of the wealthy so we can avoid stepping in the mistakes that cost us huge losses of money, time and opportunities?   Would you be interested in learning about them?

I have stumbled upon the secrets of the wealthy and I am using them to transform my own personal life but also tens of thousands of other lives into wealthy, productive, confident, empowered and successful people.  There is a caveat though.  You have to read, you have to understand, you have to learn, it has to make sense and you have to believe.  Without belief there is no action, without action there is no creation.

Let’s begin…

Let’s first look at the challenges in finance. They are many and varied but let’s boil them down to some basics that will cover the majority of problems to overcome.

Self Discipline – To do what is required and necessary to make something start and follow through to completion.

Not Being Aware or Possibilities – Being financially savvy requires learning about new ideas, concepts and principles.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Without looking at the results of their proposal, in other words Due Diligence and seeing what is actually happening, where is your trust actually going.

Putting Assets at Risk – most believe that greater returns require higher risk and that to attain a greater abundance requires greater risk. No true!

Now let’s discuss each in turn to find out the truth and the answers that will propel you into a financial successful and savvy individual.

Self Discipline – There are basic aspects of self discipline that require us to do. To do means to take action. I know it’s not your favorite thing to do but do it anyway and discipline yourself to doing something each and every way. Read a book, listen to a financial lecture, visit with a wealthy friend, acquaintance or visitor. Listen to all the disciplines and concepts that are out there… yup, it will take some time, but you need to understand all the crap out there to see the awesome and the beautiful. Yes, finance can be beautiful and when you know you have found the best and easiest, safest way to save, protect and grow your assets then you will have confidence in what you are doing and put more effort into doing it well… I have the awesome knowledge that I have discovered what the wealthy, banks and large corporations do to save, protect and grow their assets… all at no risk.

Self Discipline also means understanding the principle of Paying Yourself First. It’s like the concept of when flying in an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down in an emergency. You put your own mask on first before you help others, cause you can’t help anyone else if you are hurt and can’t help. So, Pay Yourself First so you can grow your assets and help others later.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Years ago a Traveling Salesman would come into town to show his wares and make some pretty fantastic claims about what his potions would do. Today we have laws that help to protect the consumer from that, but there is still fraud, lies and deceit. So what do you do to find out if claims are as they should be.  Investigate, read up on the internet, ask someone who actually is doing it. Check out the claims and see if they make sense.  Remember that greed can sway your decision so make sure you are motivated by logic and sound financial principles rather than letting your emotions take control.

Putting Assets at Risk – This comes from ignorance about a subject or opportunity and being greedy in thinking something is better than it actually is.  I read a book recently (The 4 Agreements) that taught me that one of the agreements is to never assume. I was terrible at this and assumed a huge part of my life for several reasons.  I was not in a relationship that allowed for good conversation and I grew up assuming things when I should have asked more questions. Perhaps because it I was embarrassed or punished to keep asking questions. What ever the reason, get over it… ask questions, ask the hard questions and get the answers that may make your rethink your decision to follow something or believe in something. Every charlatan wants you to believe his lies so he can take  your money and put it into his pockets. If it doesn’t make sense, DON’T DO IT!

A Story of Greed

I was investigating an investment opportunity in Real Estate at the end of 2007 and wanted desperately to grow some very hard earned assets I had and heard that Real Estate was the way to go since it was growing at double digit interest rates.  My greed grew and grew as I heard more and more of what they were saying. I invested $100,000 and within months lost it all because I did not listen to my gut and was greedy in my desires. I put it all at risk even when I really did see the warning signs all around me. The guru’s were shouting the warnings, the industry was over priced and higher than ever and I just didn’t listen to the warning signs. Yup, I lost it all within months…

What is risky?  The stock market is a gambling machine, period. Why risk it?  The economy is hyper inflated and inflation is far higher than the government is willing to admit. Taxes can’t help but go up since we have to pay off the unrestricted spending the last decade or two by the government. Whole industries are in trouble because of government regulations. So what works? Where do you turn? What do you do and who do you trust?

Check out our website for Trusted and Sound Financial Strategies that do work without risk. www.VantageCA.com

Have an amazing and delightful day.

To your success…


Tuesday Tidbits – Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

NCF’s Tuesday Tidbit’s!

Raymond Has a New Car and a New Home!

“I wanted to thank you guys at National Credit Federation for helping me with my credit, getting it cleaned up, reestablished and built up.

I’m so surprised that in such a short amount of time how quickly you were able to do all of this. Because of you, I was able to purchase a new car and now I’m just about ready to close on my house.

So like I said, I couldn’t have done this without you guys. Once again thanks for all your hard effort and work. I’ll definitely let people know how much you helped me and hopefully you can help them too.”

Henderson, NV

Have you heard about our latest partner…

5 Small Things That Can Make A Big Difference In Your Business Online

We also do Business Credit & Funding – call 801-769-9443 today to get more info…

Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Want your car and your money to last as long as possible? Preventive maintenance can keep your auto running longer

Don’t run on fumes
Avoid letting your gas tank fall to less than a quarter full. The reason? Most electric gas pumps are inside the gas tank and stay cool by being surrounded by gasoline. If the pump isn’t submerged, it can get hot, which can shorten its life.

Check the cabin air filter
Most cars now come with a cabin air filter, which cleans outdoor air before it comes inside. Typically, the filter should be changed every 50,000 miles. If not, it can become clogged. If you notice that the vehicle’s cooled or heated air flow is reduced, the cause may be a clogged cabin air filter. Clearing or changing the filter might avoid a more costly diagnostic bill.

Don’t ignore antifreeze
Have your antifreeze checked every 30,000 miles to confirm that it will provide freeze protection and that it’s not acidic. Antifreeze, when new, is alkaline. Over time, it becomes acidic and can damage the radiator, engine block, heater core, rubber hoses and more.

Know the signs of overheating
If you continue to drive a car with an overheated engine, you can cause serious damage. But you might not realize the engine is overheating. For one thing, the temperature gauge may read improperly if it’s not submerged in coolant.

Other warnings of an overheating engine include the cabin heater no longer producing heat or the air conditioner shutting down. If you hear engine rattles or pings, turn off the engine immediately to prevent serious damage.

Heed a flashing check-engine light
Stop the vehicle as soon as feasible if the check engine light comes on and flashes. But if the light remains steady, you can probably continue to drive a few hundred miles before getting service, provided your car has sufficient fluids and is in good condition.

“The pro is the person who has all the hassles, obstacles, and disappointing frustrations that everyone else has. yet continues to persist, does the job, and makes it look easy.”
~ David Cooper

Herschel Bentley is the Executive Director of National Credit Federation. He has 30 years experience in the credit, mortgage and real estate markets and loves helping people improve their credit and seeing referral sources grow their business.

Lawrence M Law is a Regional Director for National Credit Federation and has 25+ years in credit repair and finance. If you need his assistance call, text or email him…

801-769-9443 Office

801-404-2833 Cell

Lawrence@VantageCreditAlliance.com Email

Step by Step from Poor to Wealthy…

There are 5 basic financial needs we need to discuss…
1 – DebtEmpty Pockets
2 – Income
3 – Credit
4 – Savings
5 – Retirement


1 – Debt can be dealt with several different ways; Pay the full amount over time, Settle at reduced amounts and pay it off over time, or put money into a Family Banking Plan and have it earn income and dividends and borrow against to pay off debt and pay yourself back with interest. You will find that instead of losing the cost of the debt, you will actually increase your cash flow this way… we will show by example and actual dollars.

2 – Income can be earned several different ways. You can go to work and earn whatever the going rate is for your time. It could be $9/hr or $180/hr. This is called wages or salary. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid. There is another way to earn income and that is through Residual Income. Where you build a team of like minded people who want to earn residual income and after doing the work initially, the income keeps on rolling in regardless of whether you are working or not… Your income potential is unlimited.

3 – Credit can be an asset or a liability. It can help you take advantage of opportunities or block you. It creates financial leaks if the credit is bad or additional income streams if the credit is good. Any cost associated to doing successful credit recovery is a short term investment that pays off handsomely year after year in cost savings that could become hundreds of thousands in savings over 30 plus years…

4 – Savings is only as good as how, where and what you save. You can save at the bank and get hardly any interest income… or, you can save in high risk, low risk or no risk type accounts that have obvious advantages and disadvantages.
Banks utilize 3 keys to produce the kinds of returns that warrants building the tallest buildings in any city in the world. 1 – Rate of return, 2 – Volume of money, 3 – Velocity of money. The combination can create astounding income. We suggest setting up your own banking system to capture these type of returns that will fund your daily life and your retirement at the same time. Enjoying your hard earned money all along the way…

5 – Retirement – there are several ways to save/earn for retirement. Retirement planning is about finding a safe haven for your hard earned money as well as having a great rate of growth from interest and dividend earnings. Traditional Financial Planning has some serious flaws that have shown their ugly heads in the past decade and stopped millions from being able to retire when they wanted to. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Qualified Retirement accounts, Precious Metals, Commodities even Real Estate all have issues with highs and lows in the stock market, the economy increases and declines, rates of return, inflation and taxes. In other words… RISK. It would be best to reduce or eliminate risk so that you can count on those funds when the time comes to actually use or retire when you want to.

I am aware of only one financial tool that has all the benefits and none of the weaknesses of all of these financial investment or retirement tools. The Family Banking Plan based on the Infinite Banking Concept will outperform any other tool by factors of 10 and still do it with virtually no risk… how? Well, the math proves it and the evidence of who does it shows that they trust it with a significant percentage of total assets. Who? The banks themselves, Corporations of all kinds and sizes and the Wealthy. So, who should you be listening to? Financial planners that are wealthy because they are controlling your money and charging huge fees and admin costs to manage it at high risk levels… or the banks who don’t want you to know about their secret to use the Infinite Banking Concept and tell you to use their “Preferred Financial Planners” that suck money out of your pockets and into theirs… or, those who have proven track records of amassing wealthy cash portfolios that save, protect and grow assets… with liquidity, use and control and tax advantages, legacy features and Life benefits…?

In all, there are good, better and best ways to do anything. We usually are taught how to do it the best way from the financial institutions to make the most money for them, from your ignorance. Through education and resources that are knowledgeable, trusted and proven, you can get into using the best ways to save, protect and grow assets, while having liquidity, use and control… without risk… Isn’t that what you really want?

wealthy homeAuto LoanCruise Ship

Lawrence M Law has been in the financial industry for over 25 years with many experiences to support his financial tool decisions. If you would like to visit with him… please call 801-769-9443 or leave a message on his voice mail 801-769-9443  Email – Lawrence@VantageCreditAlliance.com




Business Funding News – Pros & Cons…

Pros and Cons of a Revenue Based Loan

Because of major bank loan tightening rules.. the unconventional style of lending called Revenue Based Loans are becoming more and more popular…

Reserves are being kept at the Federal Reserve rather than lending to consumers for auto loans, personal loans and/or business loans.

Without expansion from large and small businesses, the private sector growth will not happen… money trickles down and if there is no money in business… there is no money in homes…

A “large” business (Wal-Mart, GM, Exxon Mobile, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) can access capital at any time, they have larger reserves than some major banks and every investor in the world wants a piece of their business.

Small business have virtually no access to the capital that major businesses have… 99.7% of all businesses in the US are small business… that makes it very difficult to expand a business.

Revenue based loans are loans that small businesses can access because they are based on the revenues of the company that is healthy with good cash flow. This would allow a small business that is growing to access funds that they would not normally have access to.  If a business is not in the business of growing… they probably should not be in business…

Revenue based loan programs were created by private equity capital looking to invest in small to midsized businesses.

These loan programs collateralize one thing, a company’s revenue.

To qualify a business will have to understand that revenue being generated as well as the business credit, the ownership’s personal credit and the industry the business is in will all have an impact on the underwriting decision process.

Revenue based loans have many benefits that a small business will find appealing and this is proven by the thousands of business owners across the country who use these products…

Some basic qualifications to consider…

– Must have 2 years of Federal Tax Returns or 6 months of Qualified Cash Flows

– Must have $10k in Cash Flows a month

– for RE Commercial Loans – minimum 4 units, no limit

– other qualifications may exist… please contact us for a free dialogue of your business needs… 801-404-2833

But there are Pros and Cons to any loan program and we want to show what we feel are key points…


  • More Accessible Than a Bank Loan. More businesses than ever before are turning to revenue based lending.
  • Minimal Credit Requirements. Revenue based loans use credit to determine terms, not eligibility. A big plus for entrepreneur’s.
  • No Collateral Required. The only collateral considered is the revenue being generated by the business, such as receivables, real estate, etc.
  • Simple Application Process. There is little documentation required for revenue based loans, making it a quick, simple loan process start to finish.
  • Funds Quickly.  Business owners can usually access cash within 48 business hours.
  • Builds Business Credit. Making payments on time will always create a better business credit rating with Dunn & Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian.
  • Interest and Fees are Tax Deductible. Interest and Fees become an eligible tax deduction that will offset the cost of the business loans.


  • Certain Industries May Not Qualify. Some industries are considered higher risk than others, but most industries are eligible for revenue based loans.
  • Could be More Costly Compared to Traditional Bank Loans. Traditional loans charge interest, revenue based loans assess a flat fee relative to the size of the loan. This style allows additional options and wider eligibility.
  • Small Daily Payments. Daily ACH payments can be seen in both positive and negative ways, depending on how the company gets paid and handles their cash flow.


There are plenty of options when it comes to financing a business. Deciding which route to take comes down to determining which factors are most important to the success of the company. You can learn more about business revenue loans and other loan programs at http://bentleycapitalventures.com/2014/05/27/the-definitive-guide-to-revenue-based-loans/


– See more at: http://bentleycapitalventures.com/2014/07/02/pros-and-cons-of-a-revenue-based-loan/#sthash.Ltan9qE3.dpuf

For a free analysis and discuss with a qualified loan agent – call 801-404-2833 and leave your name, number and funding need…


Why Dave Ramsey is WRONG!

I love Dave Ramsey, he makes a lot of sense and helps a lot of people with getting out of debt and being smart with money…. But, he’s wrong! 

Dave is the syndicated Radio Host of Financial Peace University.

He’s wrong when it comes to credit and that’s where I hold the line. You see, I am a credit expert and I never condone over using credit or misusing it. However, we are a credit society and used correctly, credit can give you an advantage and help you increase your financial wisdom and success. So, let’s chat about why Dave is wrong.

Dave talks about cutting up your credit cards and using cash, “living on rice and beans, beans and rice”. Suggesting that you lower your standard of living until all the bills are paid off and you can start saving for retirement. Well, there are several problems with this premise. 1 – the #1 cause for divorce is because of finances. 2 – everything you do is based on credit. 3 – Saving money in a bank account will lose you money because inflation is much higher than what you are making in the bank. 

OK, let’s chat a moment about each.

1 – Put Aside Something to Break the Pressure – The #1 cause for divorce is because of finances. Yes, it’s true and I have had my share of stressful situations with my wife over finances. So also the converse is true. Being so hyper vigilant with controlling the debt that you don’t have any fun or stress relief will also cause stressful situations and perhaps lead to a divorce. So put the pressure on, but set aside a small percentage of your income to take a vacation or do something fun. It doesn’t have to be much but when you both agree and use it for fun then the stress and the pressure is off for a moment and you can get back to putting the pressure on. I suggest going out on a regular Friday Night Date but spending no more than a few dollars.  Either to get to a free activity or for admission to something simple.  But… relax, this is time off from the pressure. Take a few months to gather funds to go to something together as a family… that’s close… that doesn’t cost a lot but let’s you get away from the pressure of week after week of rice and beans, beans and rice.  You will find that you are refreshed, energetic, happy and ready to put the pressure on again for the next 3 months.

2 – Everything You Do is Based on Credit. If you plan on owning a home, then you better plan on building up your credit scores because you need a 640 to even be looked at… and with high interest rates included.  However, you will need a 740 to get the best interest rates and 760 to get the best insurance rates.  Both will cost you a ton of money if you don’t have credit or lower than needed credit scores. 1% on a mortgage rate can cost thousands of dollars a year in extra interest. How can you build a savings if you are spending it needlessly because you have no credit.

Dave, you have to have at least 1 Credit Card in good standing to build good credit so your listeners don’t waste a ton of money on higher interest and insurance costs. Oh, and what about the cost of Lost Opportunities. You being a multi-millionaire does not represent what the average person has to face.

3 – Saving Money in a Bank Account will Lose your Money because Inflation is Much Higher than what you are Making with Interest in the Bank. 

Have you heard how the government is changing the way inflation is figured?  So helpful… sheesh.  20 years ago inflation was calculated so it reflected what is real, now they “fix it, massage it and convert it” into something that doesn’t look like inflation. However, have you noticed how prices are rising very fast all around you and yet, we only have 1-3% inflation every year. It doesn’t make sense and it’s costing you money. Just putting it into the bank isn’t enough. You need a guaranteed interest rate, dividends and compounding interest with a tax savings that keep you from losing your hard earned money.  Check out this site to see a better program that does double duty with your money. If you can have your money work for you a number of ways, safe, secure and sound, then it just makes more sense.  Check out this website for an explanation of the Family Banking Concept and see for yourself why this works better than Stocks, better than Bonds, better than Qualified Retirement Programs and can create a Legacy for the future of your children and grandchildren, beating inflation at its own game.

Conclusion – think it through. If it doesn’t make sense then ask the hard questions and get the right answers that will save your sanity, save your money and save your future financially.


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“I am shocked at how fast my credit went up and how much.  I never really worried about it until we got ready to buy a house.  I was young and dumb.  I didn’t think credit mattered.  Boy was I wrong.  Now we are one week away from seeing if we qualify for a house and I couldn’t be more excited.  I have learned so much about credit and how it effects my life.  I am so grateful! And so ready for the next step!”


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Top 5 Benefits to a Real Estate Portfolio Loan

Top 5 Benefits to a Real Estate Portfolio Loan

After the housing market crashed, leaving hundreds of thousands of distressed homes on the market far below their true value, savvy investors purchased many of these properties in hopes of a quick recovery.

For some, it was a bust.

The necessary appreciation to turn a legitimate return came slower than expected, and these short term buy and sell investments became long term assets.

Upside, downside right?

Unfortunately, when it comes to purchasing income generating properties that are held long term, the conventional mortgage lenders will only allow an individual to acquire a maximum of four to ten mortgages.

This rule keeps growing investors from building their portfolio and caps the income they can generate with it.

Luckily, we have private lending.

Private lending has developed a program that is specifically designed for businesses in this situation, where they need to acquire more properties to increase income but they are capped by conventional lending.

This program is called a Real Estate Investor Portfolio Loan.


The program takes a commercial real estate financing approach to underwriting and as a result, lends primarily upon the value and cash flow of the underlying assets.

There is no review of personal debt to income ratios and the program allows individuals the opportunity to limit their personal liability by converting the ownership to a business entity.

There are many benefits to combining real estate assets into one blanket mortgage, but here are the top 5 benefits to a real estate portfolio loan:

  1. No Maximum Number of Properties

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac currently limit the number of investor home loans to four to ten loans. In the real estate portfolio program, there is no limit on the number of loans per borrower. In this loan program, a portfolio of investment real estate is defined as 5 or more units of residential property. The property types included are single family residences, multi-family properties, condos, townhouses, 2-4 unit properties and mixed use residential/commercial properties.

  1. One Mortgage for ALL Properties

The Investment Portfolio program offers 5 and 10 year mortgages amortized over 30 years, it can refinance the existing portfolio or finance the purchase of existing portfolios of rental investments that are currently leased. This program combines all existing loans into one blanket mortgage covering assets in different states, with one outstanding balance and one payment. This allows borrowers who have assets in multiple areas to utilize one lender for all properties.


  1. Competitive Interest Rates

The interest rates on this program can beat most conventional mortgage rates. In today’s market, mortgage rates for average borrowers are around 5.75 to 6.25 percent. A conventional mortgage rate is determined by the credibility of the purchaser and increase as the credit scores decrease. In this program, the rates are dependent on the quality of the assets being held in the portfolio, the higher quality of the assets, the lower the rates will be.

  1. 75% Cash Out

One of the biggest advantages of a portfolio blanket style loan is the fact that a company can extract 75% of the value in the portfolio in cash. This capital can be used to purchase additional properties for the portfolio, to do renovations to existing properties or enter other business ventures. The point is, you can leverage the business’ assets to access capital at 75% LTV.

  1. Non-Recourse Program

Unlike traditional residential loans that are full recourse to the borrower, loans greater than $3 million under this program offer a non-recourse loan. If the loan amount is below the required $3 million, there are options to purchase the non-recourse for an additional .15 on the 5 year or- .25 percent on the 10 year. The only requirements here are you have to have 10% liquid of the loan value and your net worth must be 50% of the loan value.


This type of loan program can provide real estate investors the opportunity to expand their portfolio, increase the profitability of their current assets and simplify the way they do business. For someone in this industry, a real estate investment portfolio makes perfect sense. If you want to see how this can work for you, I’ve put together a real estate investor portfolio example here.

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