Are We Good Enough For Liberty?

I just finished reading a great book.  My business partner shared it and it has stunned me and caused me to think and do a self evaluation of myself, my family, my business and life in general.

The book is “Are We Good Enough For Liberty” by arewegoodenoughforlibertycover Lawrence W Reed and no, it’s not the spelling of the name that compelled me to open the book and ponder it’s message. It’s a short read so it won’t be difficult to follow.

I like Liberty, love Liberty, believe in Liberty, so I opened the book. The book is about character… giving definition and examples of character, stories of character, people of character, and causing me to gauge myself against the barometer of good character and how that relates to personal and national Liberty.

I have to admit that as a mortal, as a human, I have had to learn the truth about character, about what it is and how I feel when I go against the upbringing my parents taught me about character.

Character is about honesty, about doing the right thing, even in a bad situation, when it will cost you something very dear.  Character is about standing up for principles that you know deep in your core, are right, just, true, good.  I have come to recognize that I have a duty to be of good character for myself, for my family and for my clients.

The book relates character to the freedoms we have in this great nation and what this nation stands for… because this nation was founded on principles of character by men of good character to uphold the ideals and principles of… yes… character.

Let me share a quote from the book that may cause you to think about your own character and how important it is to you and the personal freedoms we so take for granted and expect.

Page 32…

“Bad character leads to bad policy and bad
economics, which is bad for liberty. Ultimately,
whether we live free and in harmony with the
laws of nature or stumble in the dark thrall
of dependency and tyranny is less a political
or economic issue than it is a character issue.
Without character, a free society is not just unlikely,
it’s impossible.”

Or this one on page 33…

“The world needs more men and women who do
not have a price at which they can be bought;
who do not borrow from integrity to pay for expediency;
who have their priorities straight and
in proper order; whose handshake is an ironclad
contract; who are not afraid of taking risks to
advance what is right; and who are as honest in
small matters as they are in large ones.

The world needs more men and women whose
ambitions are big enough to include others; who
know how to win with grace and lose with dignity;
who do not believe that shrewdness and cunning
and ruthlessness are the three keys to success; who
still have friends they made twenty years ago; who
put principle and consistency above politics or
personal advancement; and who are not afraid
to go against the grain of popular opinion.

The world needs more men and women who
do not forsake what is right just to get consensus
because it makes them look good; who know how
important it is to lead by example, not by barking
orders; who would not have you do something
they would not do themselves; who work to turn
even the most adverse circumstances into opportunities
to learn and improve; who respect the
lives, property, and rights of their fellow men and
women; and who love even those who have done
some injustice or unfairness to them.
The world, in other words, needs more men and
women of character.”

If I bring this down to my level, my household, my family… it causes me to realize that if I live based on bad character, I may get ahead for awhile stealing or cheating my neighbor, but in the end, my economy becomes bad, my liberty is removed and my family is broken up and happiness and joy are replaced by bondage, pain, suffering and unhappiness.

After much consideration, I realize that I am not one to enjoy those uncomfortable things… I like liberty, I like abundance, I like freedom and happiness and family and joy.

So, to bring this around to my business, my clients, my friends and allies on Sound Financial Principles of which I teach and embrace… my honesty with my clients, with my business affiliates is of utmost importance to maintain my character with them.  This is what creates a reputation.  A reputation is something that is hard to grow and maintain and so easy to dash.  Well, let me rephrase that.  A reputation is easy to grow and maintain if you believe in good principles and have good character.

After decades of being fooled and cheated and taken advantage of by every kind and type of financial strategy and shyster out there… I have come to enjoy and embrace a financial tool and industry that is guided by character.  I am not supposing it doesn’t have it’s practitioners of dishonesty or make mistakes in it’s practice… however, the financial tool itself is one of helping an individual or family with their finances as to actually perform a great service.

I am speak of The Infinite Banking Concept or what we call the Family Banking Plan.  By principles of compounded interest, minimal fees or admin costs, liquidity, use, control, enjoyment and guarantees, this product has changed my life and the lives of my clients in ways that I never thought possible after so many disappointments but knew it had to exist.

You see, I have tried them all, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, real estate, gold and silver… all investments that have high risk.  I knew there had to be something that had to work and work well without risk but still had a good to high rate of return.  The joy of finding such a vehicle and then discovering it had so much more was even a greater joy.

And now I share it with you. I invite you to answer the following question… If something you thought was true about money was NOT true… when would you like to hear about it?  I propose that what you have been taught about money has been laced with lies, deceptions, half truths or ignorance, whether from parents, well intended friends or the industry itself.

This is the reason I call myself the “Unconventional Financial Planner”.  Because I tell people to do exactly, repeat… exactly opposite of everything banks or traditional financial planners tell their clients to do.  Why?  Because it works… they want to take more of your money than you are willing to give and taught you that it is the only game in town… it’s not!  And the other game is so much more sound, honest, profitable and protected.

I invite you to visit with us, whether over the phone, by email, in person or a webinar but hear the truth about your finances, money and saving for today and your retirement before you lose it again in the stock market gambling machine or in high risk investments.  They don’t work, especially for the person who works for a living and doesn’t have the time to defend his or her investment from the unscrupulous characters trying to steal your savings, retirement or legacy.

Learn the truth about money.  Learn it from history so you don’t repeat failure yourself. Check out my website, read my blog posts, set an appointment to make a plan of action, a strategy that will protect your assets in a financial tool that has never lost or not paid out interest and dividends in over 120 plus years despite war, recession or depression.  That’s how good this is… and so much more.

I implore you, plead with you… learn the truth and the truth will definitely set you free… Hey, it’s the truth!

Visit to learn about the principles of Family or Business Banking concepts that will blow your mind… remember, completely opposite of what you have been taught.

Visit to get the whole financial picture. Stop the financial  bleeding of money you don’t even know you are wasting and put them to work for you, day after day, year after year to build a better lifestyle and a better retirement with guaranteed rates of return.

These are tools of the best kind that you can use for your particular challenge. Tools to eliminate debt, student loans, fund business, manage money and budget.

We have more, but this blog is long enough… my story has just begun but one you can write for yourself… if you want a better life, better character, better joy.

Lawrence M Law


Why I Recommend CHM for Health Insurance!

Christian Healthcare Ministries
Member given “second chance” at life

Kristen Kroen

By Kristen Kroen,
Hobe Sound, Fla.

I used to be a Boston Marathon runner, but in 2009, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease progressed rapidly and I became handicapped within a matter of months. Treatment didn’t help and all my research came to dead ends.

To make matters worse, I knew that at some point I would need to find a different health care program than the one I had at the time.

My parents learned about Christian Healthcare Ministries when they attended a Christmas production at Hobe Sound Bible College in Hobe Sound, Fla.

They picked up an information pack for me to review. Thankful for their thoughtfulness, I called CHM for more information. A kind gentleman patiently answered my questions and explained how the program works. I hung up knowing right away that CHM membership was going to be a positive experience.

Several months after joining, I found a new treatment method through a doctor in Chicago. It involves using a patient’s own stem cells for healing. I contacted the doctor’s office and submitted an application to see if I was eligible for the treatment.

The waiting game began. I wrestled with worry and the fear that I wouldn’t be accepted.

A turning point came one September afternoon while I was praying on my patio. I asked God to show me whether I was able to receive treatment. Within a half hour, the doctor called. He was willing to treat me. I hung up the phone, overwhelmed with joy.

It’s been a long road and now I’m doing much better. I began taking steps again with a walker and, more recently, using crutches.

Incredibly, I’ve received nearly $218,000 in assistance with my medical bills, leaving only about $8,000 for CHM members to share via the Gold schedule for pre-existing conditions.

CHM is a wonderful ministry of people who, to me, seem like angels on earth.

Life is the most precious gift we’ve been given, and I’m so thankful for this “second chance” at life.

Click Here to learn more

What is the Safest Way to Save Money

Included in this post…

The problem – lousy savings plans, frustrating investment strategies, fear and anger about money…

The solution – the most efficient financial tool available and anyone can use it… but the banks and financial planners hide it from you!

The invitation – Learn what and why we have the best strategy… ever… even the banks use this!

The Gift – keep reading to the end to see all the bonuses I have packed in here for you…

frustrated momThere is an epidemic explosion of frustrated and angry families who can’t find a safe way to save, protect and grow their hard earned money… 

Banks are not safe and the interest rates are a joke! Over 400 failed last year alone and the FDIC is bankrupt.

Stocks are high risk and they don’t tell you about admin costs, taxes and fees they charge…

Real Estate is in another housing bubble and could pop at any moment…  That means equity loss…

Retirement accounts see huge losses – every time the stock market goes down, there is a loss; until it can recoup what has been lost, there is lost time, lost increase and lost opportunities.

Gold and Silver are only good if the economy tanks… and it’s a gamble to see if the government will take it away… again!

Inflation is robbing you and eating your savings away… every single day…

So what actually works?

Infinite Banking or what we like to call the Family Banking Plan…!

It’s the safest way to save money. But it also protects and grows your money into wealth… with no risk!

I need to share this with you and to do that I’m offering a free webinar or telephone consultation.  No obligation, no pressure and no hype.  Just simple, easy to understand explanation of everything the banks and financial planners don’t want you to know. It takes the money they normally take from you and put it into savings plans that outperform the stock market and all without risk.

Give me a chance to show you and I promise you will be delighted with the information and close friendsopportunity you are given…

If this is anything like what I am promising, then you are in for a treat…

Join me by commenting to this post, calling me at 801-404-2833 or texting to let me know if you are Interested. We have whole families, businesses and charity groups excited to learn how this can dramatically improve their savings and financial situations.

How could a savings program possibly outperform the growth and dividends of the stock market?  With a smile and laugh, I’ll show you how easy it is to do… all without risk.

Why would you want to share this your family and friends…?  Because they will thank you for thinking of them when they start to protect their money and have it grow far faster than anything they have tried before.

No more talk… just action now…  I dare you to prove me wrong…

The Gift – I will give a free book and consultation to anyone who is brave enough to compare their savings or investing program to ours.

Picture of me 1




PS – You may poopoo this offer but I have extensive history and experience to prove that the Infinite Banking Concept has proven itself for decades and is the only financial tool to pay out interest and dividend payments continuously and consistently for over 120 years, regardless of recession, depression or even war.  You have to hear and see this to believe it.  It’s simply Awesome!  Visit to watch a short video that begins to share secrets the banks don’t want you to know.

PPS – I could say that the banks will probably take this down, but it would be a lie… I’ll keep this up forever, because it’s true, it’s amazing and the banks, the wealthy, corporations and even members of congress use this to save, protect and grow their money.

Literally the Safest Way to Save Money!

Are MLM’s A Scam?

MLM – Multi Level Marketing or Direct Marketing, Network Marketing, pyramid scheme, etc.

I have wanted to write this article for some time now since I have been in the MLM industry in some form or another for over 40 years. I’ve been in sales, in promoting, recruiting, management, development, planning and coaching.

I have to admit that I have made a ton of money in MLM, uh, lost a ton of money, bought a ton of or two of products, stored those products in my garage, a basement, a hall closet, attic, spare room, given it away and thrown it away too…

You can probably tell I have a love/hate relationship with MLM’s in general and specifically. I have to explain the reason why.  However, it should be realized that Network Marketing has created more millionaires than any other industry… including Real Estate.  It’s that profound… and yet, the vast numbers have failed trying to reach for that elusive dream of success… Success being measured as someone who is making more than $500 a month from commissions in a MLM company.  That’s hard to do… in fact, there is more than a 97% failure rate +-3%, depending upon the report or survey taken. That’s not so good for an industry.  Although, it might be interesting to see what the failure rate for… let’s say… the stock market is…? I’m sure it would be high as well.  Thus the love/hate relationship.  Love the success, but on the backs of hard working, hoping people the world over.

There are some inherent problems with Network Marketing that make it look like a scam when in reality, it’s just a typical form of business that corporations and partnerships have been using for eons of time.

Let’s look… the typical plan is one where there is one person or entity at the top, has to be, since the top is the tip top of the whole structure. When you look at a corporation, you have the president at the top, and when you look at an MLM, there is the president at the top. Then you have the admin team, then their friends and then you start getting friends of their friends and on and on until you get the last guy and girl at the very bottom who are looking for people to sign up so they can make a quick buck too… Well, a corporation is much the same way, with president’s hiring an admin team, who hire a support team, who hire sales teams, who hire more sales team’s and support teams and on and on.

So, why do people keep saying MLM is a scam?  I think it comes from the fact that people join because of the hype and hopium of everyone saying it’s so easy, it will happen quickly, it will be easy to get your family, friends and co-workers into it, etc. Well, it’s just not true for the average person, and it should actually be treated as a real business, which it is.  A real business will take a certain amount of capital to start up, a certain amount of time and a certain amount of commitment, dedication and moxy to make it work.  And, there is usually about a 60% failure rate of all business start ups that fail in the first 3 years. So, is an MLM any different from a “real business”? Not really…

However, the benefits of joining an MLM is quite compelling.  It’s actually more like a franchise than anything else I can think of… because it’s more like a business in a box. You pay a very small fee to join, pay for products and have a vast amount of marketing, advertising and support to make sure you are successful.. However, the franchise is not going to do the work for you… otherwise, they would take home the commission check… So, you do have to go to work and talk to people, advertise, get them to listen and buy the products or services.  That’s how business makes money.

I think that most people who are attracted to “get rich quick” schemes are attached to MLS’s for the same reasons… they think they will get rich quick by just joining and hoping the money will flow into their pockets. It won’t and doesn’t.

So, are MLM’s a scam… no, heck no, in fact, they seem to be above average as far as companies and products go because they have to be to survive or they won’t be around very long themselves.

There is so much to talk about MLM’s, their virtues and vices that I will come back to this time again in the future.

If you have a subject you would like me to write about, submit a comment and let’s chat about it.  I love to share my knowledge, expertise and experience on a vast number of topics in finance, health, nutrition, gardening, life and the pursuit of happiness…

Visit my websites for more information on…

The Family Banking Plan – – get a free “How To Create Financial Certainty in Uncertain Times” report

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Credit Repair – – get a free Top 10 Credit Tips report

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Catastrophic Economy?

I think it’s common sense to realize all is not roses in the economic world of these United States.  It doesn’t look right, it doesn’t smell right, it doesn’t feel right, it doesn’t act right.

So why are we rushing out to fill up our credit cards, buy expensive toys we can’t pay for and putting more and more money into stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, real estate and even gold and silver when we know there is risk and know that we could lose our shirts if the stock market drops… and it does, over and over again…?

Let’s be real here… why invest or put money into anything that has high risk?  High risk you ask?  Yup, every one of those things is high risk and more that I will share… some you will think I am crazy but the numbers and the evidence prove it.

High Risk Savings and Investments List

business building  Savings in the Bank

Well, for starters, the rate of return is awful.  I just saw a billboard for a bank boasting of 1% rate of return for 13 months on a CD.  Wow… are we ever excited!  It’s so ridiculous, it’s funny and yet,  I can show company with a solid 5 1/4% rate of return with a guaranteed 4% that has paid out interest and dividends for over 120 years without fail through war, recessions and depressions… all without risk!

Oh, and by the way, the FDIC is bankrupt! No protection, or if there is any, it’s at a cost and price that will be very painful to endure.

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2   Gold & Silver

If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.  Franklin Roosevelt made owning gold illegal and everyone had to turn it in or be fined or imprisoned.  There are already whisperings of doing it again to offset the debt of the USA.  But let’s look at the track record of gold and silver.  Ups and downs, buy high and sell low, that’s the mantra isn’t it?  Woops, I meant the other way around… but most folks buy in when it’s too late to get in and the price has already risen.  It’s just like the stock market.  The only thing better is that you have physical gold in hand… you do have the gold physically with you, right?  Not a mutual fund holding gold, or futures or in someone else’s vault somewhere across the country?  Do you really think that is prudent?  Wow, the foolishness we think is wise…

decreasing growth arrow  The Stock Market

How long does it take to recoup a drop in the market? There are those who say that if it drops 10 points, then all you have to do is see it rise 10 points and you have recovered.  Perhaps you had better rethink your math. Give it a try… oh, and when you have finally, actually recouped what you have lost, there is the lost potential you could have gained in a savings plan that never has a loss… never… Hmmm… Perhaps we need to talk…

Beat-the-market  Mutual Funds/Retirement Accounts

All of these products are based on the stock market, whether actually in the stock market, holding stocks, bonds, etc. or based on the stocks of the stock market.  When the stock goes up, everyone is happy, when the stock goes down, there are huge losses.  In 2008 there were millions of people excited to retire with their Mutual Fund accounts, Retirement accounts, etc.  and then the stock market collapse.  Millions are still not able to retire because they did not recoup yet what they had lost and then the loss of potential over the past 7 years.  They still can’t retire!  They are working at Wallmart, or some other place to make ends meet.  Why, well, Social Security isn’t paying enough, inflation is eating up the value of each dollar and the money invested in retirement accounts is returning as fast as everyone promised.

Oh, and what about the fees, administration costs and taxes on each dollar invested?  That eats up a lot of hard earned money that could be used for retirement.

We give up Use and Control of our money to put into the hands of managers who do a poor job of gambling and then take huge fees, admin costs before we have to pay taxes on our dollars at inflated and higher rates when we go to use it. It’s a lose, lose, lose, lose program that is failing miserably!  And yet, there is a better way.

We call it the Family Banking Plan, based on the Infinite Banking Concept.  You have heard reports on it, advertising on it, and heard many financial planners, financial guru’s, banks and many others poo poo it as the worst investment program out there…

Wow, really?  Then why are those who are do it… in the millions now, becoming wealthy when others are losing money?  Look at the facts people. Perhaps we need to talk and have a discussion on why it works and then see if it fits your financial picture.

Here are some additional facts for you.

One of the largest banks in the USA has their liquid assets in this product. Why? Because it’s the safest, most liquid, best growth product around. They don’t even keep their liquid assets in their own bank!

There is a sensible solution!

Corporations and the wealthy do the same thing… and you can too. You don’t have to be wealthy to use these financial tools and they work just the same for the little guy as well as the wealthy guy. It’s time you got the truth about banks, money and how money actually works.

Check out our website… and see what the banks don’t want  you to see, to learn, to apply so you can become the bank and earn the high rates of return that make them the tallest buildings in any city of the world.

It’s up to you, you can sit back and believe you have the best financial tools or take the challenge to see if there is a better way. I dare you!!!  I double dog dare you…!  And I will be right.

Have a wonderful financial future… May you always be abundant…


Let’s be Honest…

If life is going good for you financially then you are content with what couple_diningyou doing and no need to change… Right?

But if your financial life is in TILT mode and you want some serious answers… let’s talk.

I have heard, seen read and been shouted at for decades that Traditional Financial Planning is the way to go.  Invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold and silver.. anything with high risk and you will make millions and if it falls a little, well, cost averaging and it will recover… Yeah… Right!

Let’s look at that and then give you some Reality Check answers that make sense.

Everything I mentioned above is high risk.  Are you a gambling man or woman?  You want to risk losing 30 to 70% or 100% of your hard earned money that you are squirreling away for retirement?  I didn’t think so and that makes sense.  I’m curious why Traditional Financial Planners are all wanting you to believe that high risk doesn’t mean high risk or that it will eventually come back… Really!?  Eventually!?  Sheesh!

Example – the stock market… by definition it is decreasing growth arrowhigh risk, even the “safe ones” are high risk because you have no clue if it is going to rise or fall tomorrow… NONE!  It’s only a guess and the tide can turn before you can scratch your head and wonder what happened…

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2  OK, how about Gold and Silver… well, the same thing as the stock market only in reverse and most of us “part time investors” always catch things after they have risen or fallen. We lose every time.  Oh, I have heard of people catching the rise… occasionally and then it’s them, not me… not very often… the average is not good and it’s always a gamble…

Retirement accounts… based on the stock market again… it’s a gambling machine and you are not the house… so, you lose!

Real Estate – again it’s a crap shoot and why would you want to put  wealthy homeyour hard earned money into an “investment” that gives you absolutely no return on your money and increases risk the more money you put into it?  Answer – there is no return of interest on the money you have paid toward a home or investment property, you are gambling that the home will be worth more than you paid for it… high risk. Also, the more you put into the equity of the home, the better it looks for a foreclosure should you lose a job and can’t pay the mortgage.  But, with all that great equity in the home, if someone files a lawsuit against you and wins… hey, they get the cash and you are out on the street.  Why wave all your money in front of people to tantalize them to take it from you…  Perhaps it would be better put to work earning a stable, and guaranteed rate of return with no risk and flaunting the money…

This is where I tell you about Credit Repair to stop the bleeding, pay of your debt and earn money doing so and saving, protecting and growing your assets… WITH NO RISK!!!  How can I say this without it going on deaf ears… There is NO RISK!!!

Stock Market – HIGH RISK!!!

The Family Banking Plan – NO RISK!!!

Dave Ramsey is WRONG!  Suze Orman is WRONG! and anyone else saying that the stock market is the way to go or any investment or savings program that has high risk is a good way to go.  STUPID!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman when it comes to getting out of debt and staying out… Kudos!  But when they knock Credit Repair, Debt Settlement, Student Loan Consolidation or Family Banking Plan… that’s where I draw the line and say… they are totally and completely WRONG…   It’s ok, I get it, they want to sell books and speaking engagements and Term Life Insurance and Mutual Funds… They have their place but they are poor as investments or protection… poor, poor, poor!

VCA Logo small CRBAHow does Credit Repair make sense?  Credit Repair is a short term investment in your financial life that will reward you with unlimited wealth!  It can’t be counted!  For instance – we calculate that bad credit is costing an average of $3.50 an hour… every hour, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 a year, every year you have bad credit, say… below 620 score.

But, what about the cost of Lost Opportunity?  Can you put a price on that… can’t get the loan to buy the house, the car, the investment property, the business?  Incredible wealth lost because you couldn’t even get it off the ground… you couldn’t borrow what you needed to get it started…   That could be worth millions…

Debt Settlement – imagine settling dead debt (collections, foreclosures, repos, etc) at 50 to 80% off and having the negative removed.  Would that be a big help?  Yes, a thousand times yes, because it’s off your record, paid, done, over as if it never happened… WooHoo!  Your scores would explode up!  (Only for those who have debt to begin with)

Student Loan Consolidation – combine all student loans into one and lower the payment to something you can afford… but, there are those who could qualify to forgive the debt or balance so it gets paid off or eliminated faster… COOL!  (must have completed school to apply)

The Family Banking Plan – Wow, where do I start? What if you could take your “dead debt” and use that to make money?  Yup, you heard, uh, read me… use the debt to make money and pay it off even faster and still have the money working for you…!  What if you could save, protect and grow assets without risk and use it and still have money for retirement and enjoy a better lifestyle than you do now?  Imagine protecting your assets from depression, recession, war and even litigation and collectors… Imagine having your money working for you in multiple ways… at the same time… without risk!!!  I Love It!!!

Want peace of mind?  Then it is time to learn about the Family Banking Plan as a Foundation for your financial strategies and multiply your assets over and over and over again.

Write me, text me, email me, phone me and let’s get this information to you asap before it’s too late and you’ve lost your money in the stock market. Oh, I know it looks really good now… high interest rates and the stocks are moving up, up, up!  Until they don’t!  High Risk!  Avoid it and outperform the stock market without risk…

Picture of me 1

Lawrence M Law

801-404-2833 – cell

801-769-9443 – leave a message – email me – join the Newsletter – check out the website

I want you to learn what I have learned… without the mistakes!

Do it today before you procrastinate, forget and lose what you didn’t want to lose!

I Have a New Website – Love at First Site!

Hey Bloggers, Have you seen my new website?

Isn’t it awesome?!  I have two of the most incredible guys that do this work for me and I am endorsing them wholeheartedly and with a big bang… and I have to ask you one question…

How much is your time worth?  I ask that because often times, small business owners don’t have the money to get a great website and instead, they mickey mouse it or band-aid something together that looks like… well, fill in the blank… _____!   It’s ok, but not what really works to bring in the visitors, and make a big splash.  I’ve done that and it makes you feel good… like you are doing something… but deep down, in the recesses of your mind… you know it isn’t…

However, there is a solution… for a good dinner cost a month, you get what the big boys are getting and have some awesome SEO thrown in that does get people to your website and does get people looking… why… because it looks freakin awesome!

I found the best most affordable website developers/designers, after playing with a mediocre website for years and already I have twice the visitors in the first month that I had in over 4 years.  Now that says something!

Here was my design before and after:  What you don’t see is the cool rotating main banner at the top that grabs your attention and won’t let you go..!

Before   VantageCa-New After

Typically my website would have cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But I have connected with a fantastic team who at an affordable monthly rate, created a 2015 web design custom built just for me. Now I have the best web design of anyone I know and best of all it works on any mobile device. That’s incredibly important today since so many people get on the web on their phones… if it isn’t designed for mobile, well… it’s a pain… and you lose people very quickly.

After my complete makeover and amazing results,  I thought of my bloggers and wanted to see if you were interested in something for yourself, something that you can be proud of?

For a limited time I have a bottom-line pricing that my designers have given me to share with only my bloggers. Write me back and let me know if you are interested, I promise you will have the very best site in no time.

Here are some of the benefits you get with a small monthly fee.

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Just a friendly boost in your business arm…
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To your success… Be Bold!

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation

Debt is a problem… for many, it’s a problem on a daily basis and causes real pain for real families.

Most people think that the only way to take care of debt is to pay it off and hope it goes away. The problem with this thinking is that if you pay off a credit card with minimum payments you will pay for 30 plus years and still have a debt.  With the high cost of interest, your minimum payment just doesn’t pay enough to get it paid off…

The financial industry has created a solution in a service called Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling where the debt is all rolled into one or all the debt is ignored except one and that one is paid off and then then next and then the next.  The problem with this system is that it is worse than a Bankruptcy. The company who lures you in with promises of helping you pay off your debt will require large fees to help you do something that you can do better by yourself and not cost you huge points on your credit report.

However, there is a better way… Debt Settlement is a system where the debt is negotiated down by a service agent, by as much as 50 to 80% off the original debt and then when paid off, will negotiate the removal of the negative from the credit report… as if it never happened!  This service never shows up on your credit report and will reduce the cost of the debt as well… 3 benefits all rolled into one..

Pay off debt at 50 to 80% off

Have it increase credit scores while you pay it off and…

Jump up your credit scores and be as if it never happened when it’s paid off completely!

Who does this?

National Credit Federation is a dynamic credit and debt company that uses strategies that actually work for you… Check them out at and see what they can do for you…

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Reply to a Father’s “Investment Letter”

My Reply to a Misguided Father

I just reviewed a wonderful letter from a good father to his “just married” daughter concerning advise on finances and how to start a financial life.  I loved it… well, some of it… however, there were some points that made me cringe because of how it will affect their finances by reducing and risking their finances during their life. There are beliefs, taught by the financial world that have perpetrated lies upon the consumer to line their pockets with your money. Let me give examples.

father teaching daughter He outlined things concerning purchasing major purchases like a car, house, insurance, education and investments. Here is what I agreed with…

He said to watch for sales and you don’t have to get the Name Brand items when other products are built as well without a label. You can also get them on sale or when they are second hand and still in great or like new condition. For instance, buying a car off the showroom lot is spending a considerable amount more than buying a great used car with low mileage, broken in, well maintained and still has warranty when just a year old. This is a huge cost savings idea.

He said to be sure and buy insurance, adequate insurance for home, auto, life, renters because it is a great insurance policy against catastrophic and you can only get it before you need it… And you will need it… sometime…

Couple dining He said to take care of your health… stay away from Fast Food, take your vitamins, eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly, with your partner as this will also bring you closer together…  Nothing is more crucial for happiness than your health…

Practice being frugal… Make it a practice of looking for deals, sales and protecting your hard earned money from shysters who will try to steal or over inflate prices to take your money away… just be frugal… you don’t have to not spend but over spending or wasting money is a good way to lose your money. Save, protect and grow your assets into a nest-egg that will be used for your lifestyle and your retirement…

Get a good education and learn 3 different things that you can fall back on in case you can’t get a job in your profession.  Learn a skill, trade or service that others will pay for so you can stay off welfare and feel satisfaction  you are taking care of yourself and family.

Learn how to protect yourself and family in case of catastrophe  and learn to prepare for challenges ahead with food storage, emergency supplies, self protection and preventative preparation such as fences, lighting, cameras, etc. so you don’t become a target.

Protect your relationships… if you are looking, keep your eyes wide open… if you are married, committed, keep your eyes half shut… in other words, ask the hard questions and see if you can be compatible in every situation, watch for signs of callousness, selfishness, envy, greed, impatience, unkindness… you know the traits… stay away from them… but when you are committed or married… then accepting the little things that could be a cause of irritation actually become the things we miss the most when they are gone.  Forgive easily, then forget it and move on… we all make mistakes… Financially, it’s important to work together, don’t hide anything and make decisions on everything… then you will both accept the outcomes of the decisions you make and learn together…

He goes on to describe in 5 parts about how to invest… this is where I disagree because he talks about being cautious about the risk but learn how to minimize the risk…. Well, that is all well and good, but why have risk at all. He says to pay off your home early, as quick as you can… but I say that puts you at higher risk for 2 reasons. He says to learn how to invest in stocks and bonds, retirement accounts, mutual funds and gold and silver… I say, you are gambling in the stock market casino and should avoid at all cost.

I agree with him generally that the economy is in for a big decline, that we, as a nation have overspent and dumping that debt onto future generations and causing undo pressure and pain on people trying to retire right now, who were lied to about their retirement investments… I agree with his observation that the nation, state, city and Burroughs are looking for ways to increase taxes and add more fees or costs to services so they can gain more money to spend on… “social services”. This comes from you…

Lets look at what he says…

Empty PocketsInvestment part 1 – Getting and Staying out of debt.  While it sounds good on the surface, let’s examine what that really means and see if it makes sense.  For most people means they are overspending and in debt to credit cards, toys, junk and stuff!  Bad news… and they should work on getting out of debt and staying out of that kind of debt.  However, there is another kind of debt that will make and preserve your assets into a fortune when you do it correctly. This is debt for house, education and earning more interest than you are spending or acting like a bank and doing what banks do.

When you buy a home, you expect to pay for principle and interest and of coarse the other costs of insurance and taxes.  But let’s look at the principle and interest costs that are accumulating.  First, the interest costs can actually make the cost of the home double and triple in cost. You pay for them but they don’t increase the value of the home.

There is also the higher risk a home owner makes when they accumulate cash value or equity in a home in two ways. First, if there is ever a loss of income by the home owner and they cannot make the payments to the lender for 90 days, the lender will foreclose on the home faster if there is more equity in the home. I have a friends who dealt with different situations. One had high equity and lost their home 90 days to the day after they could not pay the loan. The second could not pay the loan and was in the home for over 3 1/2 years and never lost the home but renegotiated at the lower loan amount and lower payments by a half because there was no equity in the home. The equity was working somewhere else.

The lesson to learn here is that the equity in a home in volatile with the economy, and it does not earn interest… it is dead money… stagnant… not doing any good.  Oh, I know and hear the same excuses that having a home paid off is good… safe… secure… but what about having someone come along, trip and fall, become permanently disabled and sue you and your home for the deep pockets they see in the equity that is there… you still lose the home because all the equity is gone and you have nothing…  No safety there… no security… Taking the money that would normally go to paying off the principle and instead putting it to work in a risk free environment where you have safety, protection, use, control, certainty and enjoyment is far better than having it at risk whether known or unknown. Then, if needed, take the money at some future point and pay off the house with one check…

Investment part 2 – His thought… avoid overspending… I agree and we chatted about that above.

candian_gold_coin_wallpaper_2-t2 Investment part 3 – He says to invest in Gold and Silver. The economy is in the tank and when it goes below $900 an ounce, then buy as much as you can… well… that’s great for people with a lot of money to “invest” but for those who don’t then putting all your eggs in one basket and tripping and watching all those eggs get broken is foolish… OK, I like his idea of putting some money into gold and silver to hedge against inflation but it’s the same as putting your money into a home where it isn’t earning any interest and goes up and down with the economy. Not a good gamble with your money. Again, put a little away for a hedge but put the rest to work in a risk free, guaranteed rate of return and dividends with total liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment.

Investment part 4 – I agree with him not trusting in the banks… However, we do need to use the banking system as everything moves through the banks. Just be cautious and avoid having your money where the interest rates are less than 1% and could be so much higher… without risk. Having some cash on hand for emergencies is also a good idea. Not too much, not too little depending upon your needs.

Investment part 5 – He goes into stock investing at this point and I totally disagree with his proposal. He does make the attempt to reduce risk… but it’s the stock market gambling machine for Pete sake.  He said himself that the markets change hourly… they are very volatile…  Why choose risk when you don’t have to and still make returns that beat the stock market by factors of 10 or more…?  All without risk…

The answer to all the negatives that I have mentioned is a product that is poo pooed in the financial industry because of the lack of knowledge and the persistence in passing on bad and inaccurate information by those who stand to lose money in high commissions or fees. What I am referring to is called Mutual Cash Value Structured Whole Life policies used in an Infinite Banking Concept.

dollar[1]The Infinite Banking Concept or what we like to call the Family Banking Plan is just that… a concept but we utilize the most efficient tool available to us to maximize the efficiency so there are savings, protection and growth with liquidity, use, control, certainty and enjoyment of your assets while you living your life and preparing for retirement as well as using it for retirement without risk, without taxation and without loss of control… All the good without the negatives… It’s awesome and you should check it out here…

The concept is based upon what the banks do to gain enormous returns on their money based on 3 major things. Rates of Return, Volume of Money and Velocity of Money or how often can you turn the volume of money at the best rate of return… without any risk on your part.  It is a very sound concept that has been used by the banks and big corporations for over 120 years for their liquid assets and they love it because of all the benefits and safety. I’m suggesting that you should too and save, protect and grow your assets without risk

Click Here to watch a short video series that explains concepts the banks do not want you to understand… cause it makes them look bad and stops you from giving them money month after month after month. They hate it!

Click Here to request more information on the Family Banking Concept and the tools that we use to save you money, protect your money and make more money. 

Call us to reserve personal time with a team member who has expertise and personal experience in all the financial tools available today that will save, protect and grow your money safely, without risk and can still outperform the stock market. 801-404-2833

Financial Mistakes of 2014

Vantage Credit Alliance is not just Credit Repair Anymore

In fact, we have changed our name and focus too… Vantage Capital Alliance is what we are and what we do…

Financial Mistakes of 2014

Financial Challenges abound all around us and throughout our lives. But what if we could learn the tricks and strategies of the wealthy so we can avoid stepping in the mistakes that cost us huge losses of money, time and opportunities?   Would you be interested in learning about them?

I have stumbled upon the secrets of the wealthy and I am using them to transform my own personal life but also tens of thousands of other lives into wealthy, productive, confident, empowered and successful people.  There is a caveat though.  You have to read, you have to understand, you have to learn, it has to make sense and you have to believe.  Without belief there is no action, without action there is no creation.

Let’s begin…

Let’s first look at the challenges in finance. They are many and varied but let’s boil them down to some basics that will cover the majority of problems to overcome.

Self Discipline – To do what is required and necessary to make something start and follow through to completion.

Not Being Aware or Possibilities – Being financially savvy requires learning about new ideas, concepts and principles.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Without looking at the results of their proposal, in other words Due Diligence and seeing what is actually happening, where is your trust actually going.

Putting Assets at Risk – most believe that greater returns require higher risk and that to attain a greater abundance requires greater risk. No true!

Now let’s discuss each in turn to find out the truth and the answers that will propel you into a financial successful and savvy individual.

Self Discipline – There are basic aspects of self discipline that require us to do. To do means to take action. I know it’s not your favorite thing to do but do it anyway and discipline yourself to doing something each and every way. Read a book, listen to a financial lecture, visit with a wealthy friend, acquaintance or visitor. Listen to all the disciplines and concepts that are out there… yup, it will take some time, but you need to understand all the crap out there to see the awesome and the beautiful. Yes, finance can be beautiful and when you know you have found the best and easiest, safest way to save, protect and grow your assets then you will have confidence in what you are doing and put more effort into doing it well… I have the awesome knowledge that I have discovered what the wealthy, banks and large corporations do to save, protect and grow their assets… all at no risk.

Self Discipline also means understanding the principle of Paying Yourself First. It’s like the concept of when flying in an airplane and the oxygen masks drop down in an emergency. You put your own mask on first before you help others, cause you can’t help anyone else if you are hurt and can’t help. So, Pay Yourself First so you can grow your assets and help others later.

Trusting in a Unverified Source – Years ago a Traveling Salesman would come into town to show his wares and make some pretty fantastic claims about what his potions would do. Today we have laws that help to protect the consumer from that, but there is still fraud, lies and deceit. So what do you do to find out if claims are as they should be.  Investigate, read up on the internet, ask someone who actually is doing it. Check out the claims and see if they make sense.  Remember that greed can sway your decision so make sure you are motivated by logic and sound financial principles rather than letting your emotions take control.

Putting Assets at Risk – This comes from ignorance about a subject or opportunity and being greedy in thinking something is better than it actually is.  I read a book recently (The 4 Agreements) that taught me that one of the agreements is to never assume. I was terrible at this and assumed a huge part of my life for several reasons.  I was not in a relationship that allowed for good conversation and I grew up assuming things when I should have asked more questions. Perhaps because it I was embarrassed or punished to keep asking questions. What ever the reason, get over it… ask questions, ask the hard questions and get the answers that may make your rethink your decision to follow something or believe in something. Every charlatan wants you to believe his lies so he can take  your money and put it into his pockets. If it doesn’t make sense, DON’T DO IT!

A Story of Greed

I was investigating an investment opportunity in Real Estate at the end of 2007 and wanted desperately to grow some very hard earned assets I had and heard that Real Estate was the way to go since it was growing at double digit interest rates.  My greed grew and grew as I heard more and more of what they were saying. I invested $100,000 and within months lost it all because I did not listen to my gut and was greedy in my desires. I put it all at risk even when I really did see the warning signs all around me. The guru’s were shouting the warnings, the industry was over priced and higher than ever and I just didn’t listen to the warning signs. Yup, I lost it all within months…

What is risky?  The stock market is a gambling machine, period. Why risk it?  The economy is hyper inflated and inflation is far higher than the government is willing to admit. Taxes can’t help but go up since we have to pay off the unrestricted spending the last decade or two by the government. Whole industries are in trouble because of government regulations. So what works? Where do you turn? What do you do and who do you trust?

Check out our website for Trusted and Sound Financial Strategies that do work without risk.

Have an amazing and delightful day.

To your success…